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​Regional Decision Making

Many Puget Sound regional efforts will affect the planning, funding and construction of transportation projects that are important to the port over the next 20-plus years.
The Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) is the region’s designated Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) under federal law, and Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) under state law. Its role is to work with local communities, government entities, and citizens to develop and plan for implementation of a joint vision for land use, transportation, and economic development in the region. PSRC regularly updates three plans, Vision 2040, Transportation 2040, and the Regional Economic Strategy, to achieve these goals. PSRC also distributes federal transportation funds to the region.
Port commissioners and staff serve on a number of PSRC boards and committees, working to ensure that the port’s needs are considered in these planning documents. Current efforts are focused on better integration of freight mobility needs into the PSRC’s planning and funding decisions.