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Five Ways to Get on Your Way at SEA

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February 20, 2020

Whether your time at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) marks the beginning of an adventure, a brief stopover between destinations, or your return home, your trip should be easy and fun and your time is valuable. You deserve both less (time in line) and more (fun and relaxation).  Read on for five ways we’re here to help you get to where you are going efficiently. 

1. Green means go go go

Looking for the fastest security line or where to pick up your app-based ride share? Look for the roving customer service experts dressed in bright green. Or stop by the information desk near Checkpoint 3. Their top priorities are to make your life easier, and keep the airport operating as efficiently as possible by organizing security lines, pointing you to the shortest line, and answering your questions. Pathfinders get real-time updates and can get you where you are going quickly. 

Our Pathfinders are backed up by a growing team of airport volunteers who work to get you on your way as quickly and easily as possible. In 2019, volunteers worked more than 11,500 hours directing passengers. And in 2020, there will more volunteers to serve you as the airport grows to meet your needs.  

Airport volunteers

2. Apps to keep you happy

When you’re hangry and in a hurry, apps won’t take it personally. 

Grub on the go – You can order on the website or apps at Evergreens Salad, QDOBA, and Beecher’s Handmade Cheese then pick it up on your way to the gate. And several fast-casual restaurants like Camden Foods Co., McDonald’s, and Pei Wei Asian Kitchen offer kiosks to take your order quickly. 

Airport Directory in your pocket  – Hit the ground running by downloading the SEA Airport App before you go. You’ll get security checkpoint wait times, a parking space reminder, and an interactive travel map to guide you to the closest Venti Oatmilk Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino.

Exploring the world? Download the U.S Customs and Border Protection Mobile Passport Control App to expedite your entry into the U.S. and speed you through you through customs. You can complete forms online, save your profile for future re-use, and take the shorter line for Mobile Passport Control users.

Caffe D'Arte

3. Bigger. Better. Bolder.

Because it’s all about you, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is undertaking the biggest expansion in a generation to meet the demands of our growing region. There are more than 100 projects happening to make your travel more efficient, rewarding, and green.

The Concourse D Annex, opened in Fall 2018 as a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Silver Certified facility, to use space more efficiently and accommodate the travel boom. It’s designed to relieve congestion and save you time waiting for a plane to arrive at a gate. Taking you to the plane by bus helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions from idling aircraft, gets you out faster, and saves airline fuel.

The Baggage Handling System Upgrade is happening right now under the airport. When launched, the new system will whisk your bags from ticket counter to plane with an energy-efficient system that handles and screens more bags. 

The new International Arrivals Facility will provide more gate space for international and domestic arrivals, get you out of customs and baggage claim faster, and speed connections between flights. Twenty more gates will move more than 2,600 passengers per peak hour more efficiently. 

Baggage claim

4. Go Green 

You’re too busy to sit in traffic, so take it easy on the earth and your wallet on public transit. Sound Transit Link light rail from downtown Seattle to the airport takes about 40 minutes. At the airport station, catch a ride on the electric cart service between the station and the sky bridge with your luggage stowed on the back.

Move faster with an app-based ride share to and from the airport. Good green news: Lyft’s partnership with the airport launched the Rematch program that has a greener footprint. Technology allows Lyft drivers to drop you off curbside then pick up another rider who wants to leave the airport. It saves them gas and saves you waiting time.

 Airport shuttles serve the entire Puget Sound region. Some, like the Whidbey-Seatac shuttle and the Bremerton Kitsap Airporter have even converted their shuttle fleet from gasoline to propane fuel for maximum energy efficiency. Benefits of propane fuel include reduced emissions and substantial fuel cost savings, and the Environmental Protection Agency recognizes propane as a clean alternative fuel.

Link Light Rail

5. Stay in the know

How early should you get to the airport? Knowledge is power and here’s how to stay connected:

Stay in the know


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