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Resolve to Be a Good Traveler in 2020

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December 30, 2019

In our fast-paced modern life we all need to get from one place to another quickly. But the reality is that travel can have a significant environmental footprint. 

In 2020, resolve to be a Good Traveler and fly carbon neutral. You can join the Port of Seattle and SEA Airport to offset your flight’s carbon emissions through the Good Traveler program at SEA Airport. Just $2 offsets 1,000 miles of travel!  

SEA Airport has participated in the Good Traveler program since 2016. Offsets purchased by the airport and travelers fund waste composting programs at Cedar Grove Compost’s Everett facility.

Did you know that … 

  • Every year, the Port of Seattle offsets travel for its employees traveling on business
  • SEA joined San Diego International Airport as an Advisory Member for The Good Traveler Program in 2017
  • In a separate environmental initiative, SEA composts about 1,000 tons of food scraps and compostable packaging from customers and restaurant and retail tenants annually at the Maple Valley composting facility
  • Your employer can offset business travel for company employees? Talk to your company about participating in the Good Traveler business offset program
Purchase offsets or get more information on the Good Traveler Program.

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