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Elizabeth Leavitt

Senior Director, Environment and Sustainability | Leadership Team

Senior Director, Environment and Sustainability

Balancing environmental, financial and social goals

Leavitt has worked at the Port of Seattle for more than 26 years, serving as the Director of Aviation Planning and Environmental Programs for the last seven years. Leavitt is a dedicated environmental advocate whose business acumen and leadership skills have helped the Port of Seattle keep balance of its triple bottom line of environmental, financial and social goals.

Skilled leader of planning and environmental teams

As the Senior Director of Environment and Sustainability, Leavitt is responsible for the Port-wide Environment and Sustainability Center of Expertise (COE). This COE is a consolidation of the Aviation, Maritime, and Economic Development divisions’ environmental and sustainability functions.

Commitment to the Port's goals

Leavitt continues to prove her commitment to supporting the Port’s Century Agenda Goals and the Commission’s goal to achieve the triple bottom line. She consistently takes the opportunity to better leverage resources to serve business units, set a higher standard for the Port as the greenest port in the nation, and ensure that the Port become an even stronger environmental leader in our region.

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