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Dave Soike

Chief Operating Officer | Leadership Team

Chief Operating Officer

Experienced and trusted leader

Soike brings an extraordinary amount of knowledge and deep experience to his role as Chief Operating Officer (COO), having worked for the Port of Seattle since 1980. He began serving in the COO role in March 2016, acting on a wide range of issues across the Port.

He began his career as a junior engineer in the Port’s Corporate Engineering Department, quickly advancing into positions in Project Management, and both Maritime and Aviation divisions. Prior to serving as COO, Soike provided strong senior leadership to more than 375 employees in Aviation Facilities and Infrastructure, Aviation Maintenance, and the Aviation Building Department and Conference Center.

Strategic planner

Soike has demonstrated a strong track record delivering effective large-scale and complex projects, and the ability to drive new strategic initiatives, such as Lean process improvements, which he brought to the Port. He has managed significant capital improvement projects at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), where he also served as deputy director of aviation and senior operations manager. He has experience in finance, planning, program management, and marketing.

Working across the Port’s Maritime, Aviation, and Corporate Divisions

With a talent for building relationships with a diversity of groups and employees, Soike’s contributions strengthened the Port’s ability to meet our Century Agenda goals and support job creation throughout the region.

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