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Post-Secondary Internship Informational Session

Mar 14, 2023
Mar 14, 2023 ; 3:00pm
Who would be interested in attending? Current high school students? College students? Do you have to be going to a 4-year university to be eligible for a post-secondary internship?

The Port’s internships are a great fit for students interested in exploring a wide range of skills and career types through public service and pipelines into Port of Seattle jobs. These virtual open houses are designed for students interested in internships who are currently enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or technical certificate program or have recently graduated (<1 year ago).

What can attendees expect to learn at an info session? Think of what would entice them into attending.

To provide information on upcoming internships and assist prospective applicants, the Port is excited to announce our virtual open house information sessions. The Port invites students to attend one of these sessions to learn about our college internships, how to apply, resume and cover letter tips, and networking.

If any of the sessions are targeted to certain groups or fields, please let us know, otherwise we’ll put the same description on all of them.

All the of the information sessions are the same and target students interested in our pipelines (green jobs, engineering, maritime, corporate services, and aviation)

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