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2019 Shore Power Highlights

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Shore power is our best opportunity to eliminate local air pollution from ships at berth, and significantly reduce the impacts of climate change that come to our beautiful city.

Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91 provides shore power connectivity for each of its two cruise berths.

2019 Fast Facts

  • 85 shore power-capable cruise ships connected to shore power
  • 89% shore power connection rate (37% increase over 2018)
  • 609 total shore power hours (106% increase over 2018)
  • 2,900 tons of C02 reduction (115% more than 2018)

Did you know?

  • At terminal 91, each shore power connected call avoided the emissions equivalent of an average car driving from Seattle to New York 30 times
  • 93% of Seattle City Light’s energy used for shore power comes from renewable sources like hydroelectricity, wind and biogas. (U.S. National average is 11%)
  • For the first season ever, 100% of ships at terminal 91 from Holland America line and princess cruises were shore power capable
  • Port of Seattle was the world’s first cruise port with two shore power cruise berths
  • Related environmental: cruise Seattle is the only North America port with a voluntary clean water agreement between the port, cruise lines and department of ecology


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