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Accessibility at Shilshole Bay Marina

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Shilshole Bay Marina offers the following accessibility features:

  • Curb cuts or ramps near all docks, all restroom/laundry buildings, the Leif Erickson plaza, the central plaza, the marina administration building, Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle, and the Little Coney restaurant.
  • ADA fold down counters available at all dock gates except for A-Dock and I-Dock.
  • Key fob drop boxes are accessible.
  • M-2 and M-7 restroom/shower buildings include ADA restroom/shower stalls.
  • ADA parking is available near all docks and on Seaview Avenue NW in front of the marina administration building. Vehicles with ADA placards or license plates can park anywhere in the marina provided the vehicle is not blocking the 20-foot fire lane.
  • Automatic door on the east/Seaview Avenue NW-side of the marina administration building.
  • ADA drinking fountain in the marina administration building.
  • Caution: W-Dock gangway is steep at low tide. The nearby X-Dock and kayak launch gangways are less steep during low tide.
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