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Airport Dining and Retail Lease Group 2 Bidders

The following companies have submitted a bid for retail space at Sea-Tac Airport. These records are being made available pursuant to the Public Records Act (RCW 42.56).

Each link below will take you to a zipped folder with multiple documents in the folder.

Group 2 Bidders

Title Status Sort descending
Dilettante Mocha Cafe Preferred Respondent
Fireworks Galleries Preferred Respondent
Floret (Cafe Flora) Preferred Respondent
InMotion Preferred Respondent
QDOBA Preferred Respondent
Seattle Chocolates Preferred Respondent
Smarte Carte Preferred Respondent
Terminal Getaway Spa Preferred Respondent
Cafe D'arte Unpreferred Respondent
Big Foot Foot and Spirits Unpreferred Respondent
Massage Bar Unpreferred Respondent
Piroshky Piroshky Bakery Unpreferred Respondent
Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Unpreferred Respondent
Seattle Coffee Co-OP Unpreferred Respondent
Subwood Unpreferred Respondent
Be Relax Unpreferred Respondent
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