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Cruise Industry Economic Impact 

Cruise business create 5,500 jobs and contribute $900 million a year in total local business revenue. In fact, each homeport ship contributes $4.2 million to the local economy each time it arrives at the dock. 
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Chart showing cruise passenger counts from 1999-2023

Partner Spotlight

Meet Bonnie B's Peppers, a company loved by cruise passengers and other tourists for its local story, family history, and delicious products made in the iconic Pike Place Market. 

Bonnie B's Peppers Spice Up Seattle

Bonnie B's Spicy Peppers

Stay Connected

As the 2023 season prepares to get underway, we want to keep you posted on details that will support your business, attraction or community organization stay informed. We're committed to getting updates out promptly and are working to create opportunities to hear directly from tourism leaders and cruise line team members. 

Rosie Courtney
Senior Manager, Cruise Public Affairs & Community Engagement
Port of Seattle

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