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Celebrations at Sea-Tac Airport

The Puget Sound region has a rich heritage, a diverse community, and convenient connections to global cultures through Sea-Tac airport. Starting in October, the airport will celebrate being part of a global community through Celebrations at Sea-Tac. 

Here is a snapshot of the upcoming celebrations at your airport. This page will be updated as events are added throughout the year.

Season of Light

December 16-24: Season of Light

Light-filled celebrations in wintertime are traditions visible around the globe. At Sea-Tac Airport, passengers can look forward to holiday entertainment from December 16 to 24, including a daily parade with live performance art, carols, puppetry and music, as well as souvenir giveaways and more throughout the Terminal sponsored by the Merchants at Sea-Tac. 

December 16-24 

  • Season of Light decorations
  • Gift wrapping station benefiting USO Northwest

December 19-20 

  • Live reindeer from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. 


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