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COVID-19 Event Policies for The Conference Center

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As of February 1, 2021, per The Healthy Washington - Roadmap to Recovery, the Puget Sound Region (Snohomish/King/Pierce) has moved to Phase 2:

In Phase 2 under Indoor Entertainment Establishments it states Indoor Event Spaces may host meetings at a maximum of 25% capacity. Venues must ensure strict adherence to all measures established by the Governor’s miscellaneous venue guidance, the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I), Coronavirus (COVID-19) Prevention and the Washington State Department of Health Workplace and Employer Resources & Recommendations.

Please note we will be in Phase 2 for two weeks and then the State will reevaluate if we are still meeting 3 out of the 4 COVID-19 metrics. If we are, we will stay in Phase 2 or potentially move to Phase 3. However if we are not meeting 3 out of the 4 metrics, we would fall back in to Phase 1 and meetings would not be permitted.

If the meeting organizer agrees to adhere to all the guidelines listed below, please contact us to request meeting space:

  1. Masks are required for everyone in the meeting room. 6-foot social distancing must be adhered to during the meeting both while seated and when moving around the room.
  2. Each room is limited to 25% capacity or 200 people, whichever is less, as long as six feet of physical distance can be maintained by all attendees.
  3. It is the client’s responsibility to assign at least one “COVID-19 Program Supervisor” to be present during the meeting to ensure masking and social distancing practices are enforced and practiced by all event attendees.
  4. The client must pre-register all meeting attendees, keep their contact information on file, and make it available to the Port of Seattle in case of a COVID-19 outbreak.
  5. Congregating outside the meeting room in the mezzanine hallway is not allowed. Meeting attendees must abide by the one-way ingress and egress signs.

If catering is provided for the meeting, the following procedures are required:

  • All food and beverage must stay in the meeting room.
  • Food or beverage from the caterer is not allowed in the mezzanine hallway.
  • The COVID-19 Program Supervisor must release people in small groups to go through the buffet line.
  • While waiting in line for the buffet, guests must adhere to the 6-foot social distancing guidelines.

Please contact us today with questions or to book conference space for your next event!

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