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Frequently Asked Questions

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Salmon Bay Marina customers, Welcome to the Port of Seattle Family. The following are a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Customer Service

1. If marina services are required at Salmon Bay Marina who do I call?

  • Please contact our Harbor Operations Staff at Fishermen's Terminal. Phone: (206) 787-3395 24/7 or Email:

2. Will Salmon Bay Customers need to do anything when ownership changes hands?

  • Customers will need to fill out a moorage agreement and provide a new insurance certificate that lists the Port of Seattle as an additional insured. Customers are requested to submit their new moorage agreement and new insurance certificate to the Port of Seattle by November 1, 2018.

3. Will current marina staff be retained?

  • Port of Seattle Management is working on staffing. New positions are being created and Salmon Bay Marina staff members are encouraged to apply. Each application will be given careful consideration. Fishermen’s Terminal Staff will respond to all customer service needs of Salmon Bay Marina.

4. Will current tenants be allowed priority waitlist status for slip changes?

  • Current customers are given priority on the waitlist when a new slip becomes available.

5. Will all current live-aboard slips be retained and in their current locations?

  • At this time, live-aboard customers will be allowed to remain in their current slips.

6. What are the hours of operation for the office at Salmon Bay Marina?

  • The Salmon Bay Marina Office will not be staffed, but Fishermen's Terminal staff members will manage day-to-day operations of the marina and are eager to assist you. Please feel free to call our 24/7 phone line at (206) 787-3395, email us at, or stop by the Fishermen's Terminal Office.

7. Will internet and cable services be offered at Salmon Bay Marina?

  • There are no plans to offer internet and cable TV service.

8. Where can I store my boat trailer and RV?

  • RV and boat trailer storage will no longer be available on these premises.

9. How will I be advised of changes to my moorage rates at Salmon Bay Marina?

  • All customers will be notified via U.S. Postal Service. If customers are interested in other methods of notification, they are encouraged to advise Fishermen’s Terminal Staff.


1. Who will bill me for moorage rates at the Port of Seattle?

  • Billing will be managed by the Port of Seattle through Fishermen’s Terminal Staff and Accounting Staff.

2. How will I pay for moorage at the Port of Seattle and what forms of payment will you accept?

  • Payments can be mailed or via electronic payment system provided on our website. Mailing Address: Port of Seattle Salmon Bay Marina PO BOX 24507 Seattle, Washington 98124-0507

3. How will the Port of Seattle communicate changes to moorage rates?

  • All moorage rates will remain the same through December 2018. Salmon Bay Marina Tenants should anticipate rates changes in January 2019. All rates will be posted in future Tariff updates.

Marina Operations

1. Who will manage dock operations for Salmon Bay Marina?

  • Fishermen’s Terminal Harbor Operations Staff.

2. What is the contact information for Port of Seattle staff at Salmon Bay Marina?

  • Fishermen's Terminal/Salmon Bay Marina • Email: • Phone: 206-787-3395 24-hour • Phone: 800-426-7817

3. What are the hours of operations for Fishermen’s Terminal Harbor Operations Staff?

  • The Fishermen’s Terminal office is open Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Saturday 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Harbor Operation Staff are on-site until 9:00 p.m. Duty Operation personnel can be reached 24/7 via (206) 787-3395.

4. How often will staff be on-site to assist with urgent facilities issues?

  • Salmon Bay Marina facilities issues will be handled in the same manner as facilities issues at Fishermen’s Terminal. Each problem will be addressed in a prompt and orderly manner. Problems will be prioritized and managed by the Harbor Operations Team. Issues of life safety, security and property protection will have the highest priority.

5. What is the plan for guest moorage at Salmon Bay Marina?

  • Guest moorage will only be offered at Fishermen’s Terminal. Please refer to Fishermen’s Terminal and Maritime Industrial Center Tariff #6 for more details.

6. Will the current "CorKey" system be updated with modern technology?

  • Existing technology will remain in place for the short-term. New technology is being considered. More information will be provided at a later date.

Emergency Services

1. If Salmon Bay Marina tenants need police or fire, who should we call?

  • For all emergency services, please dial 911. For non-emergency services, please dial the non-emergency number for Port of Seattle Police: (206) 787-3490.

Future Expectations

1. Will the Port hold an informational meeting with customers?

  • Port of Seattle will host customer information sessions to assist the transition in ownership in the Storage Building (previously named Draper Storage). The session will provide our new customers an opportunity to meet the leadership staff, provide input, and for staff to respond to customer questions.

2. What are the plans for future development of Salmon Bay Marina?

  • Port of Seattle is still reviewing plans for this property (ie. parking lot repairs, new floating docks, sprinkler systems, etc.). More information will be provided in the future.

3. Will all currently covered slips remain covered?

  • There are no current plans to remove covering structures.

4. Will the chronic milfoil problem be corrected?

  • Fishermen’s Terminal has an annual contract for Milfoil eradication in the inner-harbor. The service is provided twice a year. Salmon Bay Marina will be included and added to this schedule.

5. What are the plans for moorage of commercial fishing vessels?

  • At this time, no commercial fishing vessels will be moored at Salmon Bay Marina.

Feedback and Comments

1. If Salmon Bay Marina tenants have questions in the future who should I contact?

  • Please direct any question comments or concern to Fishermen's Terminal Office at Phone: (206) 787-3395 (24/7) or Email:
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