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Habitat Mitigation Bank Credits: Auburn Site

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Map of Mitigation Bank Project Sites
Mitigation Bank Project Sites

The objective for the 34-acre wetland re-establishment is to increase the amount of wetland habitat adjacent to the existing third runway mitigation site, increasing the area and functional value of high-quality wildlife habitat near the Lower Green-Duwamish River. Additionally, wetland and buffer re-establishment at the 34-acre site is designed to provide 15.5 acres of flood storage capacity in and adjacent to the 100-year floodplain of the Green-Duwamish River (the 65-acre restrictive covenant site already provides 100-year flood storage).

Re-established wetlands will also provide benefits to water quality through enhanced infiltration and pollutant removal. Improvements to hydrology and habitat at the site will result, in part through increasing the size of the wetlands, diversity of plants, and complexity of habitat. Grading the site to a lower elevation in places will provide varied hydroperiods. As it matures, forested wetland habitat will increasingly provide nesting habitat for birds and enhanced cover for small mammals at the site. Amphibian use will increase as individuals migrate from the adjacent mitigation site.

Contact Information

Kathleen Hurley
Senior Environmental Program Manager


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