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Moorage Application Terms, Conditions, and Policies

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Application for Bell Harbor Marina, Harbor Island Marina, or Shilshole Bay Marina

Moorage Application Requirements

With your moorage application, you will be required to submit the following documentation for your vessel and pay a one-time application fee for Shilshole Bay or Harbor Island Marina.

If you do not have the vessel currently, you may submit the application and pay a one-time application fee for Shilshole Bay or Harbor Island Marina. No application fee is required for Bell Harbor Marina.

If you wish to apply at more than one Port of Seattle marina, you must submit a separate application and pay any required application fee for each marina.

Required Documentation Before Moorage Is Assigned:

  1. Accurate measurements of the vessel

    • Overall length must include swim platform and any fixed appendage of the bow or bow pulpit. Please see Measuring Overall Length diagram.

  2. Side-view photos of the vessel from both the bow and stern

  3. Current State Registration/USCG Documentation

    • Acceptable documentation includes i) Washington State registration; and/or, ii) U.S. Coast Guard documents

  4. Current proof of minimum $300,000 liability insurance

Terms and Conditions


  1. A non-refundable application fee of $100 for Shilshole Bay Marina or Harbor Island Marina:

    • This fee only applies if moorage is not immediately available and your name is placed on a waitlist.

    • This administrative fee is not a deposit and will not be applied towards any of your moorage fees.

  2. This application only applies to the vessel size and characteristics stated in this application. If you decide to moor a larger or smaller vessel and wish to request a different size slip, please contact the Shilshole Bay Marina Office.

Requirements Before Moorage Assignment:

Prior to move in, the Port of Seattle requires a signed moorage agreement, proof of ownership, proof of insurance, and the first month's moorage fee. Upon completion of the moorage agreement and receipt of these items, you will be issued key-fobs, a parking permit, and other pertinent information.

Applicant agrees to keep the marina office advised of any changes in address and contact information before moorage assignment is made. When moorage becomes available, we will notify you by email and follow up by telephone if there is no response to an emailed offer. If we are unable to reach you, or you fail to accept our offer of moorage in a timely manner, your application fee is forfeit and your name will be removed from the waitlist without further notice.

Marina Policies

  1. The vessel to be moored must be navigable in open water under its own power as per Moorage Tariff Item 2100-A-21: “Vessels moored in a Port harbor must, at all times, be completely seaworthy, meaning that it is operable and ready for immediate cruising in local waters.”

  2. Permitted watercraft includes only vessels used as a means of transportation, recreational boating, yachting, or commercial fishing and that are designed for and capable of navigation on open waters. Houseboats are not allowed.

  3. If the vessel to be moored is too large for the slip offered, the applicant may be forced to forfeit the offer of moorage or his/her spot on our waitlist.

  4. Each vessel must fit the assigned slip to retain moorage. The overall length must fit entirely within its assigned slip. Overhang from slips is not allowed. 

  5. Only the applicant signing this application will have rights to moorage at a Port of Seattle marina. The slip for which you have applied will be for the benefit of the below named/signed applicant, his/her spouse/valid domestic partner, and/or minor children.

  6. See appropriate Customer Handbook for a complete list of policies. A copy of the current tariff and Marina Regulations, Policies and Procedures are available at the marina office or online at

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