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Student Internship Program

Port interns receive real responsibilities, memorable experiences and the opportunity to make a difference in the community. Click on some of our interns below to read about their Port story.

           Bemnet Asefa                   Kamryn  Bond​                         Emile Gauvin                      Jaybrie Brown


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Interested in public-service? Are you currently a student looking for professional experience to advance yourself in the job market? The Port of Seattle offers a diverse field of opportunities for students of every level to pursue career advancement in their respective field of study.

The Port of Seattle's Internship Program, started in 1963, offers these types of internships every year. The internship program is designed to provide qualified candidates with an opportunity to excel in their field of study and perform real work to jumpstart their careers. In return, the port gains a fresh perspective from the next generation of community leaders.


Types of internships offered at the Port

The Port offers internships for graduate, undergraduate and high school students in various fields of study including but not limited to: Accounting, Auditing, Construction Management, Engineering, Environmental, Finance & Budget, Human Resources, Marketing, and Planning.

The Port of Seattle is accepting applications for our internship program through April 2018. ​New college internship opportunities are posted each week. High school internship applications will open mid-March. To check out our opportunities and apply to be part of our team, please view our Current Openings

If you are having difficulties in the online application process, please refer to the Port's How to Apply section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the internships paid?

A: Yes, all of the internships offered at the Port are paid.

There is nothing better than getting real world experience that will help your career while getting paid well. Our rates are based on the type of internships, amount of experience, and year in school.
Q: When do I know to look for internships at the Port?

A: Recruiting and outreach for most internships starts at the beginning of the year.

The majority of job postings for summer internship opportunities will be available online in late February through March. Deadlines for applications are printed in the job listings. Apply early!
Q: Is the application process different for high-school students? 

A: No, our goal is to provide all students, regardless of their academic background, with the valuable experience of using our standard application system.

High-school students interested in competing for an internship at the Port of Seattle will be asked to provide a cover letter and resume, plus fill out a career interest questionnaire.
Q: Where else can I find online postings for internships at the Port?

A: College and graduate internship postings are sent to all major four-year universities in Washington State as well as advertised on the Seattle Times website.

In addition to posting at all major universities in Washington State, internships are advertised at all of the Seattle area community colleges. The listings should be posted in the main Career Center at the universities and colleges.
Q: How do I know if I qualify for an Internship at the Port of Seattle?

A: Specific qualifications are required for all levels of interns.

Qualified high school interns are:

a.) at least 16 years of age by July 2018.
b.) currently enrolled in high school; recently graduated from high school (no more than 12 months removed); or currently in a GED completion program.
c.) Although not required, ideal candidates have demonstrated ability to complete projects, have volunteered with community organizations, and/or participated in extracurricular activities.

Qualified college interns are:​

a.) Currently enrolled in a post-secondary educational program leading to an undergraduate or graduate degree. Students can intern up to 12-months past their graduation date. In some cases, students may be enrolled in technical certificate programs in particular fields relevant to the Port's business objectives. We will accept applications from students who have recently completed undergraduate degree work and are enrolling in a graduate degree program for the following academic year.
b.) Considering a profession related to some aspect of the Port's business objectives. Generally, interns should be advanced enough in their educational programs to have begun taking courses in a field related to their work at the Port. However, in some cases previous work experience or education may substitute for current academic placement.
c.) Willing to participate in intern activities organized by Human Resources, and interested in seeking information about the Port and its business objectives that may not be directly related to the internship project.


Intern Events and Activities

Various interactive and social activities will be available during the Intern Season to promote Interns’ learning and increase their exposure to various aspects of the port. There will also be outreach opportunities to give Interns a taste of social responsibility and commitment to the community. One such program is the environmental clean-up projects. The Intern Coordinator will design, coordinate and/or facilitate these activities.

Other events include social gatherings to give our Interns a chance to get to know each other better and network among each other. The port wants to provide an all encompassing experience to its Interns and instill a life-long positive memory of serving the public and the Port of Seattle.
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Port of Seattle is accepting applications for graduate, college and high school internships NOW!
When internships become a career
Read about interns who turned internships into a career at the Port
Upcoming Student Recruiting Events

Feb. 20:
Youth Employment Career Fair
Seattle Goodwill Training Center

Feb. 21:
Environmental Career Fair

Mar. 28:
STEM Exploration Night
Todd Beamer High School

Mar. 28:
Rainier Beach BLOC Party Workshop
Rainier Beach High School

Mar. 29:
Career Fair
Foster High School

Mar. 31:
LGBTQ Youth Job Fair

Apr. 11:
YES Network Job Fair
Todd Beamer High School