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Bell Harbor Marina

2024 Budget Overview

2024 operating revenues are budgeted at $1.0 billion, a $69.4 million or 7.3 percent increase from the 2023 budget. Operating expenses are budgeted at $617.4 million, a $44.0 million or 7.7 percent increase compared to the 2023 budget. Net operating income before depreciation is $405.7 million, a $25.4 million or 6.7 percent above the 2023 budget. The 2024 capital budget is $842.7 million, and the five-year capital improvement plan is $5.6 billion.

Our 2024 budget and 2024-2028 capital improvement plan embody our strategic approach to invest in initiatives where we can make the greatest impact while ensuring that we have the financial resources for our longer-term needs. Our investments make travel and trade more efficient, reduce our own environmental impact as well as deliver initiatives that benefit our community equitably through workforce development programs and internships, economic recovery and environmental grants, tourism marketing support program, small business support, and many more.

General Information

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