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The Budget Team gathers around a conference table to discuss the upcoming Budget

2021 Budget Overview

The 2021 operating revenues are budgeted at $680.9 million, a $130.8 million or 16.1 percent decrease from the 2020 budget. Operating expenses are budgeted at $423.4 million, a $46.4 million or 9.9 percent reduction from the 2020 budget. Net operating income before depreciation is $257.4 million, a $84.4 million or 24.7 percent decrease from 2020. The 2021 capital budget is $508.5 million, and the five-year capital improvement plan is over $3.7 billion.

The Port’s 2021 budget supports Port priorities to safely operate our essential gateways, equitably expand and create economic opportunity, carry out our sustainability vision, and follow through with our commitment to improve customer service. Our investments make travel and trade more efficient, expand community-based economic development and environmental programs, and reduce our own environmental impact.  

General Information

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