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You'll appreciate our diverse mix of restaurants, with quick grab snacks to sit-down dining. Sea-Tac boasts an eclectic mix of bookstores, gift shops, designer brands and local goods.

The Port of Seattle is in the middle of a long-term dining and retail redevelopment program to increase options for travelers and expand access for small and local businesses, so you may notice some construction on your next visit through Sea-Tac. Rest assured we're open for business during construction. We have 42 dining options throughout the post-security areas of the airport.

Explore the area around your gate and try something new on your next trip!
Effective Jan. 1, 2019 Until Further Notice: The C Concourse Train Station will be closed due to construction upgrades. Passengers will have to use the D Concourse Train Station or the North Satellite Train Station in the interim, please use our interactive map for any way finding help or learn more about the construction project.

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