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Workforce Development

Workforce Development is the collection of strategies and services that connect and retain workers to careers within the Port and the port-related industries of aviation, maritime, construction, and green jobs. This includes services such as career-connected learning, K-12 education, worker and employer training, youth internships, apprenticeships, and training. Through our workforce development strategies, the Port of Seattle centers racial equity with the goal of fair and intentional distribution of opportunities to expand economic development and quality of life for all.

The Port is committed to robust, strategic workforce development programs that directly benefit communities impacted by Port activities and underrepresented communities. With ties to Washington’s key economic sectors and as a leading economic driver in the region, workforce development is critical to the Port’s goals of increasing equitable access to careers in port-related industries, creating opportunities for workers to acquire the skills, experience, and education needed to secure quality, family-wage jobs in those industries, and expanding economic development and quality of life for all Port customers, tenants, and workers in port-impacted communities.  

Read the 2021-2023 Workforce Development Strategic Plan for more in-depth information about the Port’s strategies for achieving these goals. 

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