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COVID-19 and travel at SEA Airport More Information

The Port Supports State Tourism

The visitor industry is a vital and significant segment of King County and Washington state's economy, and is essential to the Port of Seattle because SEA Airport is the primary gateway for air visitation for our state. COVID-19 has acutely damaged employment in Washington State's travel sector.

  • Through the end of April 2020, job losses within the leisure and hospitality sector represented 42 percent of all job losses in the state
  • From March 1 through May 23, 2020, hotel room revenue declined by 72 percent
  • For the week ending June 28, 2020, traffic at SEA International Airport averaged 15,500 passengers through TSA (a 75 percent reduction over 2019)

To rebuild state tourism and generate consumer confidence around travel, the Tourism Recovery Initiative, approved at the July 28, 2020 Commission meeting, led to the Port's announcement of a partnership with the Washington Tourism Alliance (WTA), the official destination marketing organization for Washington State. Funding will kick off a multifaceted statewide marketing program over the next 15 months to positively impact the state and the Port's travel assets, bring important travel service and hospitality jobs back, and help lift this important sector of Washington State's economy out of the doldrums. Tourism marketing research and travel studies reflect that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, "local drive markets" or traveling within home state areas will return quicker followed gradually by domestic air travel. The goal of this agreement is to work collaboratively and maximize travel volume to Washington State that improves economic impact, tax revenue, and supports industry jobs.

Tourism Marketing Programs

Check out the Port's two marketing programs - the annual Tourism Marketing Support Program within Washington State and the Spotlight SEA Airport Advertising Program - for application information.   

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