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Airport Employees

The Port of Seattle offers services to its employees, and those of the airlines and tenants at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Employee Screening: Effective Immediately

Due to high passenger volumes and wait times at the TSA checkpoints ALL BADGE HOLDERS (BLUE, RED and ORANGE) are REQUIRED to now proceed through the Port of Seattle’s Full Employee Screening Checkpoints which are situated at:

  • Central Employee Checkpoint - located on the Baggage Claim Level near Carousel 9
  • South Employee Checkpoint – located behind Baggage Claim Carousel 1
    • The employee portals are still acceptable if you do not have an escort or items that are required to be screened.

NOTE: ONLY Orange badge must report to report to/for screening at the South Employee Checkpoint from 3:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. After those hours, please proceed to the TSA Screening Checkpoints.  All Orange badge holders will be screened  by the Port of Seattle’s full employee screening team, and will be granted access to the A Concourse.

EXCEPTIONS are made for badge holders whose job function requires transporting wheelchairs and those traveling on an aircraft as passengers which MUST still report to TSA checkpoints for screening.
Please note: This goes into effect immediately through September 3, 2018. We would appreciate that you communicate this message to your respective work-groups.

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