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Bring the World Together

February 11, 2022

The opening of the new International Arrivals Facility will be a giant step towards bringing the world together and solidifying Seattle as an international gateway. Join the celebration by learning about the new facility and sharing your international stories with us.

International Arrivals Facility

This new facility is the most complex capital development program in the history of SEA Airport. It will significantly improve the arrival process for international passengers. It includes several new and exciting elements:

  • a 450,000-square-foot grand hall for baggage claim and customs processing
  • an 85-foot-high aerial passenger walkway that will directly connect passengers from the S Concourse to the grand hall
  • a new international corridor connecting arriving international passengers on the A Concourse
  • almost twice as many baggage carousels with a "Bags First" program where you are reunited with your bags before security screening
  • a collection of stunning art and unique PNW architectural features

International Arrivals Facility, Welcome to the United States Portal
Welcome Portal in the new IAF; learn more about the IAF

Celebrate with us by sharing your international travel memories!

Help us celebrate this great achievement at SEA by sharing your international travel story! Bring the world together by taking these favorite international icons (just one direct flight away hint hint) to your favorite Seattle locations. Or make your own global icon and show us where you want to go!

How to print and assemble the icons


Printing Instructions
Printing Instructions
Amsterdam Graphic
Cancun Graphic
Doha Graphic
Dubai Graphic
Easter Island Graphic
Easter Island
Frankfurt Graphic
Guadalajara Graphic
Helsinki Graphic
London Graphic
Mexico City Graphic
Mexico City
Paris Graphic
Reykjavik Graphic
Tokyo Graphic
Seattle Graphic
Seoul Graphic
Shanghai Graphic
Singapore Graphic
Taipei Graphic

Printing Instructions:

Print your favorite SEA direct destination (8.5"x11", front and back) and download and print the PDF; cardstock will make it sturdier.

  1. Or, display the icon on your phone or tablet and have a friend snap the shot. 
  2. If you have a popsicle stick, glue it on the back in the designated spot
  3. Take it to your favorite spots in Seattle
  4. Tell us about your favorite international destination or international trip
  5. Be sure to hashtag #WelcomeIAF and tag us @flySEA


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Join the March 3 Online Reveal
of the International Arrivals Facility 

Partner Resource: IAF Toolkit

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