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Board of Ethics

The Port of Seattle Commission’s Board of Ethics was created by Resolution No. 3066 in August 1990.  The Code of Ethics has since received updates and amendments, culminating in a complete re-codification of the Code in 2013.  

The Port of Seattle Commission’s Board of Ethics is comprised of three members, who are appointed by the Port Commission in an open public meeting.  Members may not be a Port Commissioner or employee of the Port. Members appointed to the Board shall have diverse perspectives and areas of expertise and experience appropriate to the review of ethical matters and who are of a good general reputation and character. The Board meets at least once annually for its organizational meeting and may meet as needed to address advisory questions pertaining to application of the Commission’s Ethics Code or substantive complaints filed to the Board of Ethics.  All matters of the Board of Ethics are confidential until otherwise becoming a part of the public record and Members of the Board are bound to this confidentiality requirement at all times. 

The Boards of Ethics is chaired by:

  • William Barret, Co-Chair
  • Josh Friedmann, Co-Chair
  • Lindsay Pulsifer, Member

Prior Decisions & Opinions of the Board: 

Where in the public domain, prior actions and decisions of the Board are on file with the Commission Records Office. 

Legislative Authority:

Port Districts in Washington State derive their authority through RCW Chapter 53.  The Port of Seattle Commission and all of its created boards and committees are subject to RCW 42.30, unless otherwise provided, as well as other codes and statutes governing public agencies and elected officials.  

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