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Mercer Corridor

The City of Seattle has finished most of the Mercer Corridor Project, which enhances Mercer Street from I-5 to the Elliott Bay waterfront. The first phase, between I-5 and Dexter Avenue North, provided three travel lanes in each direction with parking and sidewalks on both sides. Phase 2, between Dexter and Elliott Avenues, included six lanes between Dexter and 5th Avenue North, four lanes between 5th Avenue North and 1st Avenue North, and two lanes between 1st Avenue North and Elliott Avenue. The installation of adaptive traffic signals, which change based on the volume of traffic, is underway.

The Mercer Corridor is an important element of the proposed Alaskan Way Viaduct Bored Tunnel project as it will provide a key east/west connection at the north portal of the tunnel. Mercer Street is being designated as an important freight corridor between the Seattle waterfront, Interbay, Ballard, and the regional highway system.

The Port is coordinating closely on this project to protect the corridor as a viable truck route.

For more information visit the City of Seattle website.

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