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Policy Directives

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Workforce Development Social Responsibility; Century Agenda guide the workforce development efforts of the Port of Seattle to benefit workers, Port customers and tenants, and port-related economic activities in near-port communities in King County and the general area.
Welcoming Port Policy Directive Social Responsibility Reaffirm the Port of Seattle's commitment to the safety, inclusion, and engagement of immigrants, refugees, and international visitors who interact with our facilities or services.
Sustainable Evaluation Framework Century Agenda Advance the port’s Century Agenda strategy to be the greenest and most energy efficient port in North America and the corresponding objectives, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions by conserving energy and/or using renewable energy.
SEA Tree Replacement Standards and Land Stewardship Plan Environmental The purpose of this policy directive is to offer tree replacement standards for the “Airport Activity Area”, that may be impacted by Port operational and development purposes, consistent with the Port-wide Environmental Land Stewardship Principles.
Salary and Benefits Administrative Salaries and Benefits for Employees not covered by Collective Bargaining Agreement
Priority Hire Social Responsibility The purpose of this policy directive is to provide good family-wage jobs to qualified construction workers from economically distressed areas of King County by increasing access to Port of Seattle covered projects.
Port-Wide Arts and Cultural Program Policy Directive Establishing a Port-Wide Arts and Cultural Program which returns the Port of Seattle to its position as a national leader among its peers for art and cultural programming, promotes art and cultural programming throughout the agency and engages the public.
Illicit Stormwater Policy Directive Social Responsibility Prohibiting Illicit and Non-Stormwater Discharges through Maritime Stormwater Systems
Ground Transportation Principles Social Responsibility creating ground transportation policy and principles, goals, monitoring, and reporting.
Equity Policy Directive Social Responsibility The purpose of this policy directive is to guide the integration of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging into the Port’s practices and policies, and to move the work beyond compliance and mandates towards long-term commitment and sustainable system
Duwamish Valley Community Benefits Commitment Policy Directive Social Responsibility Guide the implementation of the Duwamish Valley Community Equity Program and other port operations that impact the Duwamish Valley Community.
Diversity in Contracting Social Responsibility Provide the maximum practicable opportunity for increased participation by minority and women owned and controlled businesses in Port contracting for public works, consulting services, supplies, material, equipment, and other services.
Delegation of Authority Administrative Delegation of Responsibility and Authority to the Executive Director
Construction Labor Practices Labor
Commission Bylaws and Rules of Procedure Administrative These bylaws constitute the rules governing the transaction of business by the duly elected Port of Seattle Commission.
Century Agenda Century Agenda Century Agenda Vision, Strategies, and Objectives
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