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Celebrating Port and Airport Workers

August 31, 2023

Labor Day is a time to reflect on the hard work and dedication of the workers of our country. The employees of the Port of Seattle and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), and of our tenants and partners, play a vital role in our region's economy, ensuring that goods and people can move smoothly and efficiently.

Skilled workers operate and maintain the port facilities, including docks, terminals, and warehouses. They also handle cargo, load and unload ships, and provide security.

At SEA Airport, workers operate the airport's facilities, including runways, taxiways, and terminals. They check in passengers, load and unload luggage, provide customer service, and administer, plan, and construct our facilities and workforce.

Their work is essential to our region's economy. The Port of Seattle is a major economic engine, generating billions of dollars in revenue each year and supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs.

In addition to their economic contributions, workers at the Port of Seattle and SEA Airport make our region a more connected and vibrant place. They help to ensure that goods and people can move freely, which benefits businesses and consumers alike. They also play a role in welcoming visitors to our region and helping them have a positive experience.

On this Labor Day, we celebrate the hard work and dedication of the workers of the Port of Seattle and SEA Airport. We are grateful for their contributions to our region and our economy.

Here are a few photographs of the many people who keep our gateways open. Happy Labor Day!


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