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Fall 2022 Training Programs for WMBE and Small Businesses

July 15, 2022

The Port of Seattle is proud to present its Business Accelerator Program and Advanced PortGen Workshop Series, both of which will be occurring this Fall. Both are efforts led by the Port’s Diversity in Contracting office to continue building a diverse bench of suppliers and vendors who can advance the Port’s services, efficiency, and sustainability.  

Women- and minority-owned business enterprises (WMBE), and small businesses, are strongly encouraged to do one of the following: 

  1. Apply by August 8th to be part of the Business Accelerator Program for an intensive cohort experience to help you scale up your business and the type of government contracts you receive  
  2. Register for the Advanced PortGen Workshop Series to learn about the basics of government contracting 

Business Accelerator Program 

The second annual Business Accelerator will be held in partnership with the Northwest Mountain Minority Supplier Development Council (NMMSDC).  The eleven-week intensive training and mentorship program will cover key projects and professional skills that are essential to growing your business. Through the program, businesses will build lasting relationships with industry and agency representatives, while preparing for contracting opportunities at the Port and beyond.  

Curriculum topics include:  

  • Understanding Your Business
  • Sales Training and Presentation 
  • Marketing Material Development 
  • Build a Lasting Foundation, Managing Cash Flow, Power of Capital 
  • Legal, Accounting, Banking, Human Resources 
  • Introducing Your Company 
  • Doing Business with the Port and Opportunity Identification 
  • Doing Business with the Port of Seattle as a Subcontractor  

Advanced PortGen Workshop Series

The Advanced PortGen Workshop Series is presented in partnership with Washington Procurement Technical Assistance Center and U.S. DOT Northwest Small Business Transportation Resource Center. The seven training workshops will cover basic projects and professional skills that are essential to managing your business. Participants will be introduced to procurement opportunities with the Port of Seattle while being connecting with technical assistance agencies, and networking with decisionmakers from a variety of public agencies. 

Workshop topics include: 

  • Introduction to Government 
  • Proposal Writing 
  • Marketing Strategies 
  • Human Resources & Accounting 
  • Legal Contracts & Bonding 
  • Construction topics (including Project Labor Agreements) 

Comparison Chart 


Business Accelerator 

Advanced PortGen 


Intensive cohort program with expectation to participate in 90-minute classes twice a week and a one-on-one meeting with an industry mentor once a week 

120- minute drop-in workshops once a week featuring a presentation, and introductions to different technical assistance agencies and government agencies 



First and last sessions in-person, all other sessions virtual 


Yes; Applications due August 8th 

N/A; One-time registration is required 

Eligibility Requirement 

In business over 3 years; 

Revenues between $500,000 and $10,000,000; 

In the following industries:  Airport Services, Architectural & Engineering services, Construction, Energy, or Maritime Services 


Expected Level of Commitment 

Full attendance at all classes and mentorship meetings 



September 7 – November 16  (11 weeks) 

August 23 – October 4 (7 weeks) 


Monday and Wednesday 5-6:30pm

Tuesdays 3-5pm 


  • Learning and development to scale up your business for larger contracts
  • Meet and greet decision-makers 
  • Build peer relationships  
  • Lasting relationships with industry mentors 
  • Learning and development to break into government contracting 
  • Meet and greet decision-makers 
  • Connection to technical assistance agencies 





Apply to the Business Accelerator Program by August 8

Register for the Advanced PortGen Workshop Series

Questions about which training option is best for you? Please email Emily Ho at

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