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Life Happens. Your Employer Can Help.

December 2, 2019

Today’s employees will likely spend three or even four decades in the workforce. Over that time, a lot of life happens. New babies or children join the family, parents and spouses age, and serious illnesses or accidents occur. Any of those significant events can knock the most prepared employees off-balance. 

The Port recognizes that employees need to put themselves or their families first during a major life event. In January 2020, our expanded paid leave programs will offer some of Washington state’s best benefits for the public sector. 

Leading on Family and Parental Paid Leave

The Port of Seattle offers paid family leave benefits that meet Washington state standards. However, the Port offers employees a better deal because we do not collect the state-mandated employee premiums that began in 2019. By petitioning to “opt-out” of the state’s program, the Port offers employees a more generous 12-18 weeks of partially paid leave (depending on the circumstances) when you add a new child to your family through birth, adoption, or foster placement. Employees do not have to pay a premium for this benefit. In other words, we are going above and beyond while saving you money.

In addition to paid family leave, in 2020, the Port will expand its Paid Parental Leave from four weeks to six weeks of full pay. This leave also runs concurrently with Port Paid Family Leave and FMLA when applicable. 

Port Paid Medical Leave

If you or a family member experience an acute medical condition that requires you to take extended time off work, the Port will offer up to 12-16 weeks of partial pay based on the situation and your doctor’s recommendation. Siblings, grandparents, and parents-in-law are all considered qualifying family members in addition to a spouse, parent, or child. This time will run concurrently with FMLA leave time when applicable. 

Generous paid leave is one way the Port cares for its employees. We appreciate how employees go above and beyond to meet our public service mission. In exchange, we recognize that there are times in your life when taking care of yourself or a loved one is the most important work you can do.

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