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Shop Local and Support Indigenous Artists 

November 11, 2021

By Tonisha Simmons (Aleut) and Chelsea Rodriguez (Kiowa)

Traveling at any time of the year can be stressful. However, the holiday season can add a little more as we search for the, albeit, last minute gift before boarding a flight or upon arrival at a planned destination. 

This November at SEA Airport, and in collaboration with the Port of Seattle’s Native American Committee, we want to highlight the works of Indigenous artists, creators, and the importance of shopping small businesses.  
The Sacred Circle gift shop (at the entrance of the A Concourse), as described by the store’s Senior Director Vera Maldonado, offers works from "Native American, First Nations, Native Alaskans and Indigenous cultures throughout the Americas." Products are supplied by "local artists, from companies that artists lease their designs to and receive royalties from, and tribes that own businesses and use their revenue to support their communities." This kiosk is the first of its kind in the SEA terminal and an extension of the original Sacred Circle Gallery at Daybreak Star Cultural Center, part of the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation.  
United Indians of All Tribes Foundation was founded in 1970 and their “mission is to provide educational, cultural and social services that reconnect Indigenous people in the Puget Sound region to their heritage by strengthening their sense of belonging and significance as Native people.” Services range from programming aimed for families, veterans, and elders, to support services around employment, education, and housing.  Daybreak Star at Seattle’s Discovery Park serves as the Foundation’s physical location and is where many services are offered.  United Indians of All Tribes Foundation receives support from grants, donations, and proceeds from its online and physical stores – including Sacred Circle at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA).    
As the Senior Director, Maldonado overseas the operations of the SEA kiosk, Sacred Circle Galleries at Daybreak Star, and newest location in Ballard. Maldonado describes that the purchases made at any of their locations support the "United Indians’ (of All Tribes Foundation) programs and services for the local Native community. Some examples for money raised are the Elders, Veterans, Ina Maka, Foster Care, Homeless Prevention, Preschool, and the Labateyah Youth Home Programs."  
The Sacred Circle Gallery at Daybreak Star currently also features local artist Ramon Shiloh. Shiloh has created public works for numerous organizations across the region, including the artwork for the Native American Committee at the Port of Seattle and Port-wide signature block for Native American Heritage month. Shiloh’s works will be displayed through the end of the year at the Daybreak Star Sacred Circle location, with a day presentation on December 4, 2021

Native Art Markets? Yes, Native Art Markets

If you needed any more reason to travel to Daybreak Star, there will be two Native Art Markets held on November 20-21 and December 18-19.  In addition to providing a platform for Indigenous artists, the market features food, music, and entertainment. It’s also an opportunity to meet artists and locals in-person displaying their creations.  
Additional Native Art Markets will be held throughout the region this holiday season. Shopping at them puts dollars directly into the hands of the creative artist behind the work. Sales directly impacts community while celebrating the arts, culture, and history of people Indigenous to our region.  
Learn more about Sacred Circle, United Indians of All Tribes, upcoming area Native Art Markets, and featured artist Ramon Shiloh: 


Native American Committee logoTonisha Simmons (Aleut) and Chelsea Rodriguez (Kiowa) are Port of Seattle Native American Committee (NAC) members.  Founded in 1975, NAC is an Employee Resource Group.  It is both a resource for Native American staff and provides a platform for members to share learning opportunities Port of Seattle-wide.   
NAC logo created by Ramon Shiloh. 


Learn more about the Sacred Circle store at SEA Airport

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