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Vaccication and Travel Inspiration

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June 3, 2021

The pandemic paused leisure travel for the last year. And rightly so. Public health guidance and your comfort levels have evolved since this time last year, and so have your travel dreams. We see you here and now and raring to go-go-go. 

Enter vaccications! The act of vacationing and travel again once you are vaccinated.  

Last year, we followed along with these local Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) travel and outdoors influencers what was fueling their wanderlust and hope during the pandemic.  

This spring, local travel bloggers are bringing you more ideas on adventure, getaways, and good eats. Their photos and words will make you remember why you love the PNW and spark your discovery of something new. 

Tash | Instagram | Blog 

Tash is a professional photographer, content creator and  blogger.⁣ Based in Tacoma, Tash is a breath of fresh air on social media, sharing real experiences and the challenges of parenting, managing a small business, and waking up every day to go after her dreams. Tash is traveling safely during the pandemic and has great tips for how to hit the road with a family. Check out her feed for content on entrepreneurship, motherhood, and travel!  

Tash traveling with her daughter
Tash traveling with her daughter | Photo credit @itstashhaynes

Rosie | Instagram

Rosie is a Seattle-based flight attendant, small business owner, and blogger advocating mental health, sustainability, and kindness. Her photos and videos from the skies and destinations around the U.S. will teach you how to travel more sustainably. And her positive messages will spark hope after the longest year ever. 

Sheila | Instagram | Blog 

Sheila is proof that you don’t need to quit your job to be a world traveler. She shares tips, recommendations, visual inspiration, and stories from across the globe on travel, food, and culture. Traveling isn’t a hobby or passion of hers — it’s truly a lifestyle. Sheila says, “to me, traveling encompasses much more than beautiful scenery and inner peace. You can call me a culture-obsessed traveler. I started World Through She to empower others, specifically women, to gain the courage and confidence to travel through the stories on this site, my podcast, social media, or in-person. Welcome to the travel community.” 

Sheila in Hawaii
Sheila in Hawaii | Photo credit @worldthroughshe

Charles | Instagram 

Charles is the guy to follow for exploring food and dining in Seattle. Founder of Eat Seattle and a dad of two, Charles shares mouthwatering photography of bites and dining experiences. He regularly publishes eating guides from the best burgers in town, to vegan noms and must try donut shops. Bookmark his feed to eat like a local.  

Emma | Instagram | Blog 

Emma is a Seattle fashion and lifestyle blogger, and her goal is to inspire women to create and travel in style. Her blog, Emma’s Edition, will prompt you to try new fashion trends in your everyday wardrobe and check out the most Instagrammable places in your city.  In her recent travel blog about Austin, Emma says, “I went from traveling at least once a month and creating Instagram guides for cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. And then the pandemic hit, and all of my travels stopped for a year. I’m excited the world is slowly opening up.” 

Arushi | Instagram  

Loosen up your belt, because Arushi travels to eat! Most recently, she shared noms and highlights from her travels to Charleston, Kuai and Cancun. Stop by her feed for adventuring around the world while eating all the foods. 

Terumi | Instagram | Blog  

Terumi has her hands full with twin boys, and recently welcomed Scout, a Yorkie Poo, into her family. Originally from Vancouver, B.C., her multicultural family lives that heritage in their travels and in daily life, from the foods that they make and eat to the holidays they celebrate. Terumi’s blog shares, “... these days we are staying a little closer to home and supporting social distancing and supporting Seattle. We are not traveling like we used to anymore and hopefully that will change soon, but for now it’s about travel to see loved ones safely, to change our scenery, and to recharge our hearts. We support the communities we visit by taking out food, buying locally online, and by wearing a mask and distancing. The adults in our family are both vaccinated and we are hoping that our kids can get vaccinated soon as well.” 

Scout in Cannon Beach
Scout in Cannon Beach | Photo credit @helloterumi

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