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Airport Employee Parking

Airport Employee Parking Update

Starting October 1st, 2022 Employee Parking will return to accepting cash, check, as well as credit/debit payment methods!

New Office Hours and Location!

Employee Parking Office is moving to the new  Employee Service Center, located in the Airport Terminal on the Mezzanine level at the old credential center location.

We will be open for business on Monday, October 24, 2022 in our new office location.

SEA Parking Portal Now Live!

The long-awaited new parking system is now live for Employee Parking! On June 6th, Employee Parking launched our new SEA Parking Portal. The new SEA Parking Portal is delivering the ability to handle your own information. This means no more update forms or waiting for the Employee Parking office staff to be available to call in for any changes. You’ll be able to update on your own time, as it fits your schedule. So those of you burning the midnight oil won’t have to lose sleep waiting for the EP office to pick up the phone so you can change your vehicle information or update your email to make sure you can receive notifications.

Employee Parking is now proud to say for all those who have asked: Yes, this new system does have an automated monthly billing option! After logging in, self-paid parkers will be able to select their parking permit and enter their credit/debit information to set up their parking subscription. About time, right?

No worries for self-paid parkers who prefer to pay with cash or check.  Our window and payment boxes are still available. It would get lonely without our regulars after all. 

For parkers, new and old, self-paid and company paid alike, there is a step-by-step guide available to walk you through the new program, just follow the link to the tutorial page.


Employee Parking and COVID-19

The Port of Seattle is committed to providing the safest and most effective options to our North Employee Parking Lot (NEPL) at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) parkers during the current health crisis. We are pleased to provide an effective option for airport workers currently using NEPL. This option minimizes close passenger proximity aboard our coaches.

Access to General Parking is subject to, but not limited to the following criteria with no exceptions:

  • Parkers must hold a valid North Employee Parking Lot card predating March 15, 2020
    • Individual access cards are the responsibility of the cardholder and are NOT transferable
    • Parkers who fail to use their NEPL card and take a ticket at the entry gate are subject to all associated fees.
  • Use your NEPL card upon entry and exit of the garage. Do NOT pull a ticket
  • Access is strictly for airport business—not for travel, leisure, or other parking needs
  • Loss of parking card after entry will result in existing lost ticket tariff charges assessed at the time of exit
  • Parkers are expected to park on floors 7 or 8 of the garage to leave lower floors available to the traveling public
  • When exiting, parkers must use automated exit lanes. Avoid the cashier lanes unless addressing known issues that need assistance
  • Pay-on-Foot machines on floor 4 Terminal Direct parking do NOT accept NEPL cards for exit processing

Please note

  • Main garage access is intended only for the duration of the current COVID-19 crisis and will expire at the determination of Port of Seattle management, with 7 days’ notice
  • Flight crew members are allowed no more than FOUR (4) days in the garage, anytime after that will result in customer public parking rates.
  • The Port’s Employee Parking bus system will continue to operate with possible modifications
  • Please contact with your questions

The Port of Seattle provides many parking options for employees of airlines and tenants working at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). Check with your employer regarding your parking benefits and whether or not your employer will pay for your parking, or if you must pay for it on your own. Electrical charging stalls are 120 voltage for those with an electric vehicle. Learn more about Employee Parking Terms and Conditions.


Q: I got an email about the new parking system. My company pays for my card right now, will I have to pay with the new system?
No. If you company pays for your parking, they will continue to do so until they notify us otherwise.

Q: What do I need to do to get ready for the new parking system?
Please make sure your email is up to date as this will be your log in ID for the new Parking Portal. You can update your email by contacting us at

Q: How does the four (4) day grace period in the garage get counted?
Flight crew has 96 hours once their parking card scans to let them into the garage, and any amount of time over that will start accruing charges. Charges will follow the garage parking rates (i.e. A 96 hours and 15 min will be a $6.00 charge).

Q: If the lot is capped, are we still allowed to submit parking pass applications?
Yes. We will notify you if you do not qualify, otherwise please wait for the approval email before coming down to the employee parking office.

Q: My co-workers have access to the garage, but I don't. Why? 
We only permitted access to the garage for card holders who had active accounts as of March 15th, 2020. If you were issued a parking pass at any time after that, you have been allocated to only North Employee Parking Lot access. 

If you had garage parking previously when employees were first granted access, but had your access removed at any point, you will not regain garage parking. 

Q: I recently came back from a trip and was presented a balance upon scanning my pass to exit; I thought our garage access was free!
You are only permitted parking in the garage for a maximum stay of FOUR days per trip. You are charged the posted parking rates for any day in excess.

Q: I need to take emergency personal time, can I still park at the NEPL and/or Garage?
No. Your parking card is for business purposes only per the Terms and Conditions you agreed to upon signing up and picking up your parking card. Misuse may result in confiscation and cancellation of your account.

Q: Can I sign up for Employee Parking as a member of flight crew?
Pilots and flight attendants must be domiciled in Seattle in order to be eligible for Employee Parking at SEA Airport.

As of July 1st, 2020, we have capped the Employee Parking Lot. The Employee Parking Lot supports 12,000 active parkers. As such, we will no longer be accepting applications from employees or their employers who are not domiciled in Seattle.   

Q: I sent in my application, why haven’t I received a reply?
Parking applications can take up to three to five days to process. Please be aware that there are several steps involved, including contacting your company to verify employment and billing.

Please refrain from excessive calling to check on your parking status as this does slow the process. If you would like to check, please email the Employee Parking office as there may have been the possibility that there was a typo in your submitted application and our email was unable to reach you.

Q: I’m in training/transferring, can I submit my application ahead of time?
Yes, but please be aware that we will only hold your card in office for up to 30 days before your parking card is cancelled, requiring you to submit a new application. Your name will also be removed from the waitlist.

Q: What do I do if I lost my parking card?
Please come down to the Employee Parking office with your badge and payment method for the $15 lost card fee.

Q: What are the hours of operation for the NEPL buses?
The busses are picking up from the Employee Parking Lot every 10 minutes. You can track them live using the DoubleMap App available in the  Apple Store and Google Play

Q: Does the NEPL have electric vehicle charging stalls? And where would I be able to locate them within the lot?
Yes. The NEPL has 13 stalls with 120 volt plug ins currently dedicated to electric vehicles. To locate the EV stalls, drive straight after entering the lot and just past Shelter 2 take the first left. 

Q: Do I need to update my information and how?
Please keep your information up to date as we may need to contact you or refer to your account, especially if you are transferring companies or if you take leave. You can find an update form on the Employee Parking page of the website, or you can email the Employee Parking office.

Q: Can I register more than one vehicle on my account?
Yes. While only one vehicle is allowed to be in the lot at any given moment, you can register more vehicles should you drive different ones.

Q: I’m a Self-Paid parker, I’ve been on leave and haven’t paid for my account while I’ve been away, do I still have access to parking?
Your parking card deactivates at the end of the month should a payment not be made for the following month. If a payment is not made before 90 days, then your account will automatically cancel, and you will need to re-apply.

Q: I’ve heard there is parking for McGee employees at the 13 coins lot, how do I sign up?
The Employee Parking office does not handle these requests, please speak to your employer for further information. 

Q: I no longer work at the airport, what do I do with my parking card?
Please return your parking card to your employer. Otherwise, please either mail your parking card back to the Employee Parking office using the address below or turn it in to one of the Drop Boxes by the North/South Tunnel stops, by the Credential Center on Mezzanine, or in the Customer Service booth upon exiting the garage.

Employee Parking Office
PO BOX 38727
Seattle, WA 98168

Q: I’m flying out on a work trip; will I be able to park at the NEPL still?
The NEPL is for business parking only. So long as you are not using the lot for personal purposes, your work trips are allowed. 

Q: My work trip is going to go for X number of days, do I need to notify Employee Parking?
Per the Terms and Conditions Parking permits allow for employees to park up to 10 consecutive days. Employees who expect to exceed the specified restriction must notify the Employee Parking Office in writing prior to the expiration of 10 days. The letter must include contact information, vehicle description, and reason behind the extension. Letter does not guarantee an extension will be granted and the employee acknowledges that any vehicle parking in an unauthorized area or manner is subject to towing at the owner’s expense. 

Extended parking is NOT for vacation parking and violators can have their parking privileges blocked and potentially cancelled.

Q: I live in Washington and commute to work. How many days can I leave my car in the lot?
Please reference the question above for work stay limit.

Q: I’m based in Seattle, but I live in X, can I leave my vehicle in the lot?
No. Per the Terms and Conditions signed when signing up for the parking card, employees are not allowed to store or abandon their vehicles within the NEPL.

Q: Someone broke into/ vandalized/ ran into my vehicle, what do I do?
Please call Port Police to report any incidents for follow up.

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