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Airport Employee Parking

COVID-19 and travel at SEA Airport More Information

Impacts on Employee Garage Parking

Due to the continued Automated Parking Guidance System Project in the on-site garage, the employee area on the 1st Floor will be impacted from Sept 6  - Oct 25:

  • Sept. 6 – Oct. 11: the 1st Floor, Section D (yellow) of the employee area, will be closing. This will impact a number of ADA stalls. Additional ADA stalls have been placed on the 1st Floor, Section B (blue), Row F & G by the elevators.
  • Sept. 13  - Oct. 25: the 1st Floor, Section E (green) in the employee area, will be closed.  When this section is closed, additional ADA stalls and Motor Pool stalls will be placed on the 1st Floor, Row K. During these closures from Sept 6 – Oct 25 employees can park anywhere in the garage.  For EV stalls you will need to park on the 5th floor.

Airport Employee Parking Update

Effective Friday, October 1, 2021 - Employee Parking Relocation: Phase 4 Move Back to North Employee Parking Lot (NEPL)

Employees with the following organizations (I thru L) will no longer have garage access with a NEPL card after October 1, 2021:



  • Phases 1 through 5 to come in the following order by company name:
    • Phase 1 (T - Z)
    • Phase 2 (M - S)
    • Phase 3 (E - G)
    • Phase 4 (I - L)
    • Phase 5 (H)
    • Phase 6 (B - D)
    • Phase 7 (A)
  • If you are in the parking garage when your access has been restricted, your parking card will allow you to exit and no reentries will be permitted into the parking garage.

  • If you pull a parking ticket and park in the garage after your card has been deactivated, you will be responsible for the charge.

  • All parking cards are currently active at the North Employee Lot (NEPL).

  • Additional Phases to follow

  • Notification will be sent out to each group a minimum of seven days prior to relocation.

  • Buses are running on schedule every 10 minutes at multiple stops

  • Masks or appropriate face coverings are required for all riders

  • Both North and South tunnel stops are in operation at the main terminal

Have questions? Contact us by email or phone at or (206) 787-5320

Employee Parking and COVID-19

The Port of Seattle is committed to providing the safest and most effective options to our North Employee Parking Lot (NEPL) at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) parkers during the current health crisis. We are pleased to provide an effective option for airport workers currently using NEPL. This option minimizes close passenger proximity aboard our coaches.

Access to General Parking is subject to, but not limited to the following criteria with no exceptions:

  • Parkers must hold a valid North Employee Parking Lot card predating March 15, 2020
    • Individual access cards are the responsibility of the cardholder and are NOT transferable
    • Parkers who fail to use their NEPL card and take a ticket at the entry gate are subject to all associated fees.
  • Use your NEPL card upon entry and exit of the garage. Do NOT pull a ticket
  • Access is strictly for airport business—not for travel, leisure, or other parking needs
  • Loss of parking card after entry will result in existing lost ticket tariff charges assessed at the time of exit
  • Parkers are expected to park on floors 7 or 8 of the garage to leave lower floors available to the traveling public
  • When exiting, parkers must use automated exit lanes. Avoid the cashier lanes unless addressing known issues that need assistance
  • Pay-on-Foot machines on floor 4 Terminal Direct parking do NOT accept NEPL cards for exit processing

Please note

  • Main garage access is intended only for the duration of the current COVID-19 crisis and will expire at the determination of Port of Seattle management, with 7 days’ notice
  • Flight crew members are allowed no more than 10 days in the garage, anytime after that will result in customer public parking rates.
  • The Port’s Employee Parking bus system will continue to operate with possible modifications
  • Please contact with your questions

The Port of Seattle provides many parking options for employees of airlines and tenants working at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). Check with your employer regarding your parking benefits and whether or not your employer will pay for your parking, or if you must pay for it on your own. Electrical charging stalls are 120 voltage for those with an electric vehicle. Learn more about Employee Parking Policies and Procedures.


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