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Water Quality and Water Conservation

The Port of Seattle is dedicated to environmental stewardship. As one of the largest waterfront land owners in the Seattle and SEA Airport areas we remain committed to protecting our waters. 


The Port’s Stormwater Management Program strives to manage stormwater in a manner that improves the quality of the receiving water waterbodies and ecosystems through source removal and site specific treatment and flow control best management practices. The Port operates under various stormwater permits and local jurisdictions. Stormwater information is divided into Airport and Maritime programs due to differences in permitting and the nature of activities that occur at the facilities.


Stormwater Detention Pond


Water Conservation



Water conservation has been an ongoing activity and goal of the port. Last year 31 million people traveled through SEA Airport. Since 2005, potable water use at the airport has been reduced by 18%, or almost 52 million gallons per year, through a number of programs such as restroom fixture upgrades and use of drought-resistant landscaping.


One inch of rain equals 20 million gallons of runoff!



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