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Long-Term Strategic Plan

July 10, 2017

Long-Term Strategic Plan

The Port of Seattle is committed to the economic engine of Fishermen’s Terminal. A recent economic impact study found that, each year, commercial fishing activity at Fishermen’s Terminal generates $450 million in business revenue and nearly $40 million in state and local taxes. As part of the port-wide Century Agenda, the port has adopted a goal for doubling the size of the commercial fishing business cluster that is centered on Fishermen’s Terminal.

To achieve this goal, the port launched the Fishermen’s Terminal Long-Term Strategic Plan for the uplands portion of Fishermen’s Terminal. Considerable investments have been made to modernize the moorage structures of Fishermen’s Terminal – approximately $30 million in the last 10 years. These water-side improvements set the stage for a planning process covering the 26-acre uplands area of the property. Consideration has been given to aging structures, the changing needs of the fishing fleet, and leveraging Fishermen’s Terminal’s role as a living landmark.

July 2017 Update

Port staff are beginning the design process for the Phase 1 Developments called for in the Long-Term Strategic Plan. The development is comprised of two new buildings and one building renovation. The Gateway Building is intended to house a key maritime supply business. It will take the place of the former bank building as well as Net Shed 7 and Net Shed 8. Port staff are working to reassign net lockers. All fishers with storage in these buildings are guaranteed a new storage unit.

The other new building is a light industrial building to be constructed along the west property line. It is intended for businesses that function as suppliers and vendors to the fishing fleets. The developments also include major renovation of the former Seattle Ship Supply building. The intended occupants would serve the fleets but possibly have a more public orientation such as workforce development or a maritime business incubator.

As required by the State Environmental Policy Act, a sign is being installed at the entrance to the terminal describing the Phase 1 Developments. This will occur in the second half of July 2017. The information on the sign will be preliminary and may vary somewhat from the final project.

Additional development project information is available in the Project Information Sheet.

May 2016 Update

The planning ideas the steering committee helped develop during the Design Workshops in January and February were presented to the Port of Seattle Commission on May 17.

Comprehensive Briefing of Plan to Port Commission

Stakeholder Outreach

The planning will continue to be guided by extensive stakeholder outreach. The outreach will include established groups such as the Fishermen’s Terminal Advisory Committee, but everyone’s input is welcome!

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If you have any comments, questions, or concerns about the Long-Term Strategic Plan please contact Joseph Gellings at (206) 787-3368 or

For questions about the specific development projects contact Capital Project Manager Tim Leonard at (206) 787 3018 or

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