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Port Commission President Courtney Gregoire Statement on the FBI’s Investigation Report on the N449QX Unauthorized Flight Incident

November 9, 2018

“The Port worked closely with the FBI, TSA, and aviation partners through the investigations of the August 10 unauthorized flight incident at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and appreciates the professionalism and thoroughness of these reports finding that no security protocols were violated. Our work here is not done. The Port took immediate actions after this incident, and continues to improve security and fully support the aviation employees who we depend upon every day. 

We expect the independent After-Action Report to be completed by end of year and we will continue our work with the TSA’s Aviation Security Advisory Committee and the national Industry Working Group that we helped form to look at industry practices related to a range of issues, including technology, physical security, and employees’ well-being and health. Safety and security are not only our most important responsibilities, but also incredibly personal to all of us whose family and friends are passengers, aviation-industry employees, and near-by residents.”

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