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Port of Seattle Commission Authorizes Independent Review of August 10 Incident, Officials to Play Leading Role in Security Working Group

September 11, 2018

The Port of Seattle Commission today authorized funding for an independent review of Sea-Tac’s response to the August 10 unauthorized flight and subsequent crash. The Port will work with independent experts Ross & Baruzzini to conduct the review, which will also engage industry stakeholders to develop industry-wide solutions for further improving airport security. Ross & Baruzzini performed analysis and developed a detailed After-Action Report (AAR) for an active shooter incident at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in January 2017.

In addition to the independent review, Sea-Tac officials have begun leading a national working group on airport security, including aircraft security and employee wellness.

“Safety and security are not only our most important responsibilities, but also incredibly personal to all of us whose family and friends are passengers, airport employees, and near-by residents,” said Port Commission President Courtney Gregoire. “We appreciate the willingness of our industry partners to immediately explore ways to prevent future security incidents and fully support the aviation employees who we depend upon every day.”

The industry working group includes members from Airlines 4 America, Airports Council International – North America, and American Association of Airport Executives, as well as representatives from aircraft manufacturers, cargo, charter, and regional airlines. The group will look at industry practices related to a range of issues, including technology, physical security, and employees’ well-being and health. The working group expects to begin recommending new aviation practices in the next coming months.

Sea-Tac officials are also meeting with relevant federal agencies and airline partners to discuss current protocols and where we can make changes to technology, physical security, and employees’ well-being and health.

The Port will publish the results and recommendations from the After-Action Report in December 2018.


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