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COVID-19 Contractors/Consultant Vaccination Requirement for Work in Certain Port Offices

Effective March 9, the Port will require employees of contractors and consultants working in most non public Port facilities to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.  

This requirement is to assure the Port can meet its mission, maintain operational gateways, and maximize protection of its employees.   

To meet the vaccine requirement, contractors and consultants with employees working in most non-public Port facilities must complete and submit attestation forms to the Port by March 9 to certify that employees working in those non-public Port facilities for more than 15 minutes at a time are fully vaccinated. 

If possible, contractors are asked to voluntarily provide attestations earlier in order to help ensure Port worker safety, consultant and contractor workers safety, and to minimize the current high public spread.  Firms under contract with the Port are being notified of this requirement via email beginning the last week of January 2022. 

Attestation forms should be submitted to

Over time the Port will continue to develop our safety guidelines as necessary to ensure the safety of Port employees and operational continuity of Port facilities and consistency with evolving federal and State of Washington directives, and health agency guidelines. 

This requirement is necessary to maintain the continuity of our operations and protect the health of Port employees who work alongside employees of contractors and consultants within enclosed spaces for more than 15 minutes.  The Port began requiring its employees to demonstrate vaccination against COVID-19 in 2021.


Email any questions to
EX-29 does not apply if contractor employees are present in Port offices “for only a short period of time and have a fleeting physical presence with others on the site.” What is meant by this?

If a contractor employee’s work requires them to be in one of the Port offices listed in EX-29 for more than 15 consecutive minutes, their presence is not considered to be for only a short period of time and they will not be considered to have a fleeting physical presence with others on the site.  Accordingly, such workers are subject to EX-29 and Contractor must submit an attestation that includes that worker. If you have a question about your specific contract circumstances or believe your contractor employees are present in Port offices “for only a short period of time and have a fleeting physical presence with others on the site” please submit a question to the Port as provided above. 

If some or all of our workers do not work within the specific list of Port offices identified by the Port or have only a fleeting presence at a location, do we have to provide attestation forms?

If none of your employees work within any of the Port offices or the ones that do have only a fleeting presence at a location therein, then the Port contractor does not need to provide attestation forms to the Port.  However, if any of your employees work within any of the Port offices or have more than a fleeting presence therein, then the Port contractor does need to provide attestation forms to the Port. 

If I have a question after I read Executive Policy 29 and all of the attached information, who can I call to get more information?

Please email your questions to Questions may be answered in an addendum to the FAQ or a return phone call.  Please allow up to 2 business days for a response. 

What is the deadline for contractor employees who work in Port offices to be vaccinated?

Beginning on March 9, 2022, contractor employees who work in Port offices or who have more than a fleeting presence in the Port offices must be fully vaccinated before they enter the Port offices.

Where or to whom do I send the attestation forms demonstrating that my contractor employees who work in the identified Port offices (or those of my subcontractors) are vaccinated?

Send attestation forms to this email address:

By when do those attestation forms need to be received by the Port?

For existing contractors and vendors, attestation forms must be submitted to the Port by March 9, 2022, and earlier submission is encouraged to avoid potential issues that could result in lack of compliance.  For new contracts, attestation forms may be due at time of contract execution. 

Where is the list of Port offices identified?
Do subcontractors or suppliers need to provide their own attestation forms to the Port?

No. The primary contractor who has a direct contract with the Port submits the attestation form for its own employees and the employees of the subcontractors and suppliers.  Subcontractors and suppliers should work with the prime contractor and provide an attestation from to the prime contractor.  

What information will the Port retain about the names of contractor employees who work within Port offices?

The Port will retain a copy of the attestation form.  That form will not have names on it.  The Port will retain a list of who enters Port offices via a sign-in sheet or similar app being developed for contractors (to eliminate paper sign-in sheets).  The sign-in sheet or app information is only used for purposes of contact tracing to help alert individuals who had been in an office at the same time with a person who had reported sickness or a positive case of COVID-19.  Contact tracing benefits all parties to avoid greater spread.  The sign-in sheet names will not be kept permanently.   

What if our employees come into the Port offices listed in EX-29 for periodic in-person meetings?

Contractor employees who come into Port offices for periodic meetings must be vaccinated.  Contractors must submit an attestation form.  Virtual meetings are recommended if possible.  

What if janitorial/custodial employees work in the Port offices at nighttime when there are very few Port employees present?

All contractor employees, including janitorial/custodial workers, whether day or night shift, must be fully vaccinated if the contractor employees enter Port offices or federal leased spaces to perform work, and their presence is more than fleeting, even if a substantial portion of their work is performed outside of the identified Port offices. The trigger for the determination is whether their presence in the Port offices is expected to exceed 15 consecutive minutes.    

Can my workers meet in-person with Port employees anywhere?

The Port prioritizes virtual meetings as much as possible. If business needs dictate an in-person meeting, attendees must comply to vaccine requirements outlined in EX-29.    

What if my contractor employee only comes into Port offices one day a week, or bi-weekly, or once a month to work in person within a Port office listed in EX-29?

Since that individual’s presence in the Port office is more than fleeting, that person must be fully vaccinated, and the Port must have received an attestation form from the Contractor holding the direct contract with the Port.       

When will this requirement end?

This requirement is for the foreseeable future to assure the Port can meet its mission, maintain operational gateways, and maximize protection of its Port employees who operate gateways and meet the Port’s mission.    

Will the Port supply a face covering mask?

No. Contractors, consultants, and vendors are required to provide their own employees with masks.  The Port may have some paper surgical style masks available for individuals who may have forgotten their mask. Masks must be consistent with current CDC recommendations for the general population. Masks should be high quality and made with multilayered material, and well-fitted, without gaps around the nose, chin, and face.  Surgical-style masks and air-filtering respirators such as KF-94s, KN-95s, and N-95s are acceptable masks used at Port of Seattle facilities.  

Must contractor employees wear the mask at all times they are within the Port offices?

Yes. Contractor employees within open areas or cubicles must wear their masks at all times in the office area.  If an individual worker is alone in a fully enclosed office or meeting room and no one else is in the office or meeting room, then the individual may remove the mask while in there.  The individual must put the mask back on if someone opens the door and/or enters the office or meeting room. Contractor employees are permitted to very briefly remove their masks in Port offices as may be required by necessity for hygiene or other very brief reasons (e.g., to blow one’s nose in a bathroom or to take a drink, etc.).  

Our organization does not perform work in any of the EX-29 Port offices and only occasionally needs to visit the Airport Credential Center for badge appointments. Do we need to complete the attestation? 

If your organization’s activities do not occur in the identified list of “Port Offices” then EX-29 does not apply, an attestation is not applicable, and submission is unnecessary. EX-29 does not apply to “Contractor Employees” obtaining or renewing a badge at the Credential Center. Obtaining or renewing a badge at the Credential Center does not require an attestation.

Does EX-29 Policy apply to Port of Seattle-led Northwest Seaport Alliance projects?

Yes. When the Port of Seattle is delivering a project for the Northwest Seaport Alliance, the Port of Seattle follows its general policies in delivering the project and contracting for services.  This requirement is to assure the Port can meet its mission, maintain operational gateways, and maximize protection of its port employees.    

If I have multiple contracts do I need to submit multiple attestation forms?

Yes, an attestation form must be submitted for each contract if there is a chance that an individual working for the prime contractor, subcontractor, or supplier may enter the Port Offices to attend a meeting and/or perform work.   

Must all workers and employees wear masks when in a meeting room together?

Yes. In person meetings should be minimized, and all participants must be masked and socially distanced when in a room together in the Port offices.    

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