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Construction Trades

The construction industry is traditionally divided into three sub-sectors – the construction of buildings; construction of roads, highways, and other infrastructure; and specialty trades. Construction encompasses all the businesses that build houses and commercial buildings, highways and bridges, and those that do the specialized work of electricians, plumbers, and masons, who are typically involved in the construction of all kinds of structures.

At the Port of Seattle, our strategy for developing the workforce in construction trades focuses on the creation of a regional pipeline of skilled construction workers. The Port, as a major developer, relies on the availability of such workers, and we are committed to helping our community access the quality, family-wage jobs that this industry has to offer.

We are focused on improving the inclusion and training rates for people of color and women in the construction trades. Additionally, we are addressing gaps in the existing worker pipeline, such as a lack of alignment with demand; a siloed approach to planning and implementation, funding, and evaluation; and a lack of coordination and capacity in terms of pre-apprenticeship training programs to train and develop the next generation of construction workers. 

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