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Emergency Preparedness

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The Port of Seattle Emergency Preparedness department is part of Aviation Security but is tasked with and committed to providing preparedness planning, organization, equipment, training, and exercises for all facilities for a resilient Port.

Emergency Reporting Forms

Following an incident, timely emergency facility and personnel reporting contribute to the first situational picture for the Emergency Coordination Center, helping the Port of Seattle recover and return to regular operations.

Port of Seattle employees are encouraged to download the Origami Mobile Forms application on their phone to facilitate submitting these emergency reports quickly.

Submit a Facility Assessment Report

  • Each facility’s Emergency Coordinator or Lead Floor Warden should submit a Facility Assessment Report following an evacuation.

Submit a Personnel Accountability Report

  • Each Port of Seattle employee should submit a Personnel Accountability Report when notified to do so via Everbridge notification.

The Emergency Coordination Center will use information from the reports to inform the incident response and will forward the information to departments’ management for follow-up.

Sea-Tac Airport Emergency Map

Sea-Tac Airport Emergency Map


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