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Health and Safety

Graphic: "Safety starts with me"Safety is a daily relentless pursuit at the Port of Seattle.  Our vision is that every employee goes home safely and is accountable for safety.  We foster an environment where employees have a voice in not just providing ideas for safety improvement, but voicing concerns and addressing hazards timely. We strive for a strong safety culture where any worker can feel comfortable reminding a manager or supervisor to wear safety gear or address an unsafe condition. Likewise co-workers routinely look out for one another and point out unsafe actions and conditions to each other.

Some of our specific strategies and programs include:

  • Starting every team meeting with a safety moment
  • Employee driven Safety Solution Teams where employees are actively engaged in continuous safety improvement processes.
  • A commitment to task specific safety training and refresher courses to elevate employee safety engagement
  • Behavior Based Safety Training provides communication and feedback to tool for employees to address observed safety performance
  • Use of mobile devices to report near misses and hazards
  • Using internal news channels to share stories and video with tips, advisories, and lessons learned
  • An annual Safety Award program where departments and teams are personally recognized by the Port's Executive Director.
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