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Energy Efficiency Incentive Program


The Port of Seattle Aviation Utilities Group offers Energy Efficiency incentive (EEI) funding for projects undertaken at airport facilities. These funds are intended as an incentive for the use of energy efficient designs and equipment which exceed minimum building code requirements.

The amount of energy efficiency incentive funding for which a project may qualify depends on the energy measures implemented and the available funding.  The Aviation Utilities Group reviews projects to identify qualifying energy efficiency measures and offers recommendations for energy efficiency that the project may want to consider.

The project proposal application is the first step in awarding EEI funds to a project. The key is to identify energy saving opportunities on a project.

Lighting Program Incentive

  • Funds are capped at 70% of project cost and must show at least a 30% wattage reduction
  • Projects must have a simple payback of one year or more before incentives
  • Projects require a pre-installation review by a utility representative to confirm existing fixtures
  • Project work must be complete, including post-construction inspection by July 30, 2021

Custom Projects Incentive

Aviation Utilities provides financial incentives for energy efficiency projects including HVAC, motor efficiency upgrades, and other custom projects. Contact our Energy Specialist, Sean McKee, by email at or at (206) 787-6747 to learn more.

How to Apply

Below is a link to the application form outlining the general project scope. Following initial project review and acceptance, additional project documentation and design calculations will be needed. A site visit may also be required to evaluate existing conditions on a remodel project.


If you have any questions regarding the incentive program or qualifications, please contact Energy Conservation Engineer Sean McKee at (206) 787-6747.

Documents for Energy Efficiency Incentive Program

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