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Port Valet - Enjoy Seattle Luggage Free!

Port Valet - Enjoy Seattle Luggage Free

Port Valet is Complimentary, Convenient, and Secure

The Port of Seattle is pleased to offer complimentary luggage transfer from the ship to your airline at the end of your cruise. 

Port Valet highlights:

  • To take advantage of the Port Valet service, your departure flight must be on the same day you disembark the ship.
  • Receive your boarding pass before leaving your ship
  • Enjoy streamlined disembarkation
  • Enjoy Seattle luggage free!
  • Skip baggage lines at the airport
  • Track your bags for peace of mind

Port Valet is a complimentary luggage service sponsored by the Port of Seattle and our cruise line and airline partners.

How does the service work?

  1. Enroll early! 
    • ​​Two ways to sign up: Enroll online before your cruise, or once onboard, complete the enrollment form found in your stateroom.
    • If you have questions about eligibility, check with the guest services team on your ship. It's best to enroll during the first few days of your cruise. You can use Port Valet if you are flying with these participating airlines: Alaska, American, Delta, Horizon, JetBlue, Southwest, United
    • Current participating cruise lines: Carnival, Celebrity, Holland America, Norwegian, Princess, Royal Caribbean
  2. Drop your luggage
    The night before your cruise ends, you’ll receive your airline boarding passes and special luggage tags from your ship’s crew. Set your bags outside your cabin that evening and the ship's crew will pick them up.
    Your luggage will be securely transferred directly from the cruise ship and checked in with your airline all the way to your destination airport. You don’t have to do a thing.
  3. Enjoy Seattle
    Capitalize on your freedom and spend the day exploring Seattle in its most beautiful season. Visit Seattle can help plan the day.  Check out the two-hour, four-hour and all day self-tours at the Visit Seattle website.  
  4. Skip check-in at the airport
    Upon arrival at SEA Airport, proceed through security and board the plane.  Your luggage is already checked to your final destination!
  5. Track your luggage
    You can track your bags online.

Port Valet FAQs

  • Do I still have to retrieve my luggage in the cruise terminal after disembarking from the ship?
    No, your luggage will be taken directly from your stateroom to your final destination. Due to local custom regulations, you will disembark the ship in the first disembarkation group. You are free of your luggage until you arrive at your final destination.
  • Is there a fee for this service?
    The Port of Seattle is pleased to offer complimentary luggage transfer from the ship to your airline at the end of your cruise. However, you will still be responsible for any applicable airline baggage fees.
  • The airline charged fees for my luggage on my inbound flight, do I still have to pay extra baggage fees on the return flight
    Yes, you are still responsible for all applicable airline fees.
  • If my bag is overweight will I be charged?
    Please ensure any checked bags do not weight more than 50 lbs. You may not be charged but we recommend any checked bags not to exceed the maximum 50 lbs. weight limit.
  • Will I receive my boarding passes while onboard the ship?
    Yes, you will receive your boarding passes and preliminary airline luggage tags to place on your baggage while on the ship. These documents will be delivered to your stateroom the last night of your cruise.
  • Are you able to reassign my seats?
    Unfortunately, we are not able to assign seats. This will need to be done at the airport. Once you’re through security you can go to the airline gate agent to reassign your seat.
  • Once I get to the airport what do I need to do?
  • Since you are already checked-in for your flight, you can proceed directly to the security check point. There is no need to wait in line at the ticket counter.
  • Does the service include passenger transportation to the airport?
    No, the service is solely for your luggage and boarding passes. You can purchase an airport transfer onboard the ship or take a taxi waiting outside the terminal.
  • I forgot to add my frequent flyer number can you do that for me?
    Unfortunately, we are unable to add frequent flyer numbers to your reservation, but you can still add it upon arrival at the airport. Simply ask an airline agent at your gate and they will be happy to do it for you.


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