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Cruise Passenger FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions from cruise passengers.

Can you recommend a hotel? A hotel close to the cruise terminal?

The Seattle region offers many hotel options for your visit. You have three great convention and visitor bureau resources:

How do I sign up for Port Valet?

Port Valet is a complementary luggage program provided by the Port of Seattle, cruise line and airline partners. It’s a great way to enjoy the city after your cruise and feel confident that your bags are safely on their way to your airline. You can sign up for Port Valet two ways: online before your cruise, or once you're on the ship by completing the enrollment form found in your stateroom. If you have questions about eligibility, check with the guest services team on your ship. 

Which airlines participate in the Port Valet luggage service?

Port Valet is available only for these participating airlines: Alaska, American, Delta, Horizon, Southwest, and United on flights departing after 12:00 p.m. It is usually not available for international flights.

What pier does my ship leave from?

Visit the Find My Ship and Terminal page to find your assigned cruise terminal, including transportation options, parking, and directions.

How far is the airport from the pier?

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is located 15 miles from downtown Seattle. Depending on traffic, the drive could take 30-45 minutes. Get more airport details here.

How can I get from the airport to the cruise terminal?

There are four ways to get from the airport to the cruise terminals: 

  1. Catch a ride: App-based rideshares and taxis are located on 3rd floor of the airport parking garage
  2. Purchase a transfer from your cruise line for bus transportation from the airport to the cruise terminal
  3. LINK Light Rail is an inexpensive transportation option that takes passengers from the airport to Westlake Station in downtown Seattle. From the station, rideshare or taxi services can take you directly to your terminal. Approximate travel times from Westlake Station: 
    • To Bell Street Cruise Terminal at Pier 66: Six minutes by car; 20 minutes by foot
    • To Smith Cove Cruise Terminal at Pier 91: 15 minutes by car
  4. Airport Shuttle services found on the SEA Airport site
Does Amtrak get close to the cruise pier?

Amtrak arrives at Seattle’s King Street Station which is one and a half miles from Pier 66 and four miles from Pier 91. There is no bus connection from the train station to the cruise terminals.

Can I take a public bus to the cruise terminal?

Unfortunately, Metro bus service is not a convenient option to either cruise terminal. For Pier 91, Routes 24 and 33 from downtown offer the closet drop-off to Pier 91, however, the bus stop is located on a busy bridge which requires passengers to make their way down a steep staircase to the expansive industrial pier which includes the cruise terminal. It is about a 10-minute walk to the terminal once you’re at the base of staircase. Pier 66 does not have any bus service from the downtown core. The King County Metro Trip Planning tool offers complete details.

I own a shuttle company and am coming to pick up cruise passengers. Where do I park?

Thank you for your interest in serving cruise passengers. Please contact the cruise terminal manager at 206-787-3911 for shuttle information.

How close to the cruise terminal can I drop my family?

Both terminals have convenient passenger drop-off lanes in front of the terminal. However, it’s best to avoid the peak hours of 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. unless it is your scheduled arrival time. 

Is there parking at the cruise terminal? How much does it cost?

Republic Parking offers parking for Pier 66 and Pier 91. It’s best to make a reservation ahead of your arrival. The cost will vary from $23-$50 per day depending on the vehicle type.

Can I park my RV?

Parking for recreational vehicles or other oversize vehicles is available at Pier 91 only. RV parking is available to passengers boarding ships at Pier 66, but passengers are responsible for transportation from the Pier 91 parking lot to the Bell Street Cruise Terminal at Pier 66. Visit Republic Parking for rates and reservations.

I don’t have a passport. Can I still get on the ship?

U.S. citizens on roundtrip Seattle cruises will be able to enter or depart the country with proof of citizenship, such as an Enhanced Driver's License (EDL - from Michigan, Vermont, New York or Washington), a government-issued birth certificate (issued by the Vital Records Department in the state where he or she was born) or passport, and if 16 or older, a government issued driver's license, picture ID, denoting photo, name and date of birth. For additional information visit US Customs and Border Protection cruise page.

I’ve lost something at the cruise terminal. Who do I contact?

Contact the Guest Relations department of your cruise line. All items found inside or around the terminal will be handed over to ship security personnel on day of sailing. No lost and found item will be stored at the cruise facility. If you have already completed your cruise, contact the cruise terminal manager at 206-787-3911.

What time do I have to be on the ship?

Verify with your scheduled arrival window with your cruise line but at least 60-90 minutes prior to scheduled departure time is advised.

How long will it take for me to get off the ship? I’m trying to make a flight.

Cruise lines offer several alternatives for disembarkation. The fastest way to disembark is to use Port Valet luggage service and request the earliest disembarkation time which is typically 7:30 a.m.- 8:00 a.m. Eligibility requirements apply to use Port Valet. Check with your cruise line for eligibility requirements and to understand planned disembarkation procedures. 

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