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SEA Airport Media Guide


Business Hours: All media inquiries, both routine and for breaking news, should be directed to Aviation External Relations via phone (206-787-4923) or pager (pager number available on request to professional media staff). Port of Seattle business hours are 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

After-Hours, Weekends, and Holidays: Media coverage during this these times is provided only for breaking news and/or emergency situations. To reach the on-duty media officer during non-business hours, please use the media pager.

Access to SEA Facilities

Public/Pre-Security Areas: Media are allowed unescorted in all public areas of SEA.

Restricted/Post-Security Areas: Media must be escorted into all restricted and post-security areas. Aviation External Relations will provide escorts whenever staffing permits. Any live media broadcast is considered a commercial activity and requires advanced notification to Aviation External Relations. Additionally, SEA Visitor Pass may not be used for live media broadcasts. 

Tenant Areas: Shops and eateries are leased space and media must have the tenant’s permission to photograph, videotape or conduct interviews in those areas.

Media Equipment: Cables, extension cords, lights, etc., may not be placed in any public area without prior approval from Aviation Public Affairs and these items must not interfere with passenger flow or airport operations.

Media Parking at SEA

Learn about media parking here.

Directions to Media Parking
From the Southbound Airport Expressway: Follow signs to Departure (upper drive), staying in the right lane as you ascend the hill. You will see the beginning of diagonally striped pavement to the right. This is the Media Parking area. Please park no farther south than the emergency exit/entrance to the D Annex which is located on the other side of the security fence. Please park single file. If you go too far south, please continue through the Upper Drive and Follow the Return to Terminal signs to return to the Airport Expressway. Vehicles need to have media ID while in the parking space or be subject to tow.

Emergency Procedures

In the event of an emergency, key information will be posted on our breaking news page. Please check this page before contacting the media officer for further details. Never contact the Port of Seattle Police or Fire Department directly; all inquiries will be handled through Aviation Public Affairs. This department will disseminate information related to SEA Airport facilities and operations. Aviation Public Affairs staff do not act as spokespersons for the airlines, TSA or other private companies and government agencies.

During an ongoing emergency or breaking news situation, contact the media officer to find out if there is a designated press area for the event and the schedule for media updates.

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