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Sea-Tac Airport is as busy as ever

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Insider tips and tricks

The following insider info and tips will help expedite your next trip through Sea-Tac Airport:
  • Arrive Early! Travelers are encouraged to arrive a minimum of two hours before domestic and three hours for international flights – give yourself time to park, check-in and get through security. Additionally, if you’re checking bags, add some extra time on top of it. It’s always better to be early.
  • Peak hours can mean TSA checkpoints may be longer, so please plan accordingly.
  • The busiest times  at TSA checkpoints typically are between 5 -11 a.m., while increased flights during the evening create another busy period between 7-9 p.m.
  • Thursday and Fridays are the busiest days during the week.
  • Pack Safe: know before you travel what items are and aren’t allowed in carry-ons and checked bags.
  • Print boarding passes ahead of time or use self-serve kiosks at ticketing.
  • Travelers can reach their gates from any TSA security checkpoint. The central checkpoint is open 24/7.
  • Empty liquids before you get into TSA lines.
  • At security checkpoints, have your boarding pass and ID ready and remove laptops from their bags ahead of time.
  • Sign up for Trusted Traveler programs such as Pre-Check or Global Entry. These programs allow approved travelers to take specific designated lines for quicker service through checkpoints.

News and updates

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Pack with security in mind

What is and isn't allowed in carry-ons and checked bags. Read the
Tips from TSA and FAA here.

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