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User’s Guide to the Train at SEA Airport

October 30, 2020
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Although traveling through SEA Airport may seem daunting at first, the terminal is small enough that you can easily get to where you are going in just two to five minutes! Here’s a guide on how to navigate the airport on the SEA Underground trains.

Travel Tips:

  • Use the interactive map on the website to get step-by-step directions to your gate with travel time or download the free FlySEA App, available on iOS and Android devices, with an interactive map that shows your current location
  • Read our SEA Underground Blog with more insider trips on the different loops and amenities available at each station!

Easy arrivals

All airlines at SEA Airport are connected and easy to access after you pass through security checkpoints. When you arrive at SEA, you won’t have to re-enter TSA screening and you can go directly to your next flight. If you're arriving and departing on the same airline, your gates should be relatively close to each other. See the list at the bottom of the page for airlines and their gates. 

Terminal overview

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) consists of one terminal with six concourses. Every gate can be accessed with the N and S Concourse Train Stations. Check the signage, ask a Pathfinder in a green shirt, or monitor the onboard instructions on the train (in several different languages) to get to where you are going. 

Detailed map of the train at SEA Airport
Click to enlarge

How to get there

There are 8 languages on the trains' digital signage to help support our passengers to know where they need to go Arabic, Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese! They will announce which stop you are at, which stop is next and other helpful information.

Terminal Shuttle/Yellow Loop:

There is a Terminal Shuttle train also known as the Yellow Loop.

  • This connector will take you to each train station hub of the S, B, and A Concourses and the N, C, and D Concourses!
  • These stations are at the D and A Concourses and you can even take a shuttle between the two stations if needed. From here it’s easy to get from one train loop to the other.

South Train Loop/Blue Loop:

A, B, and S Gates are all in the South End of the terminal. Almost every international airline operates out of the S Gates or is on the south end of the terminal 

  • The A station is across from Gate A3 and down the escalator bank 
  • The B Station is at the end of the concourse down the escalators from Gates B20/21
  • The S Station is below the concourse level of all the S Gates

North Train Loop/Green Loop:

D, N, and C Gates are all in the North End of the terminal. This loop serves most Alaska Airline flights operating out of C, D, and N gates. 

  • The D Gates Station is across from Gate D2 and down the escalators, the C Station is down the escalators by Gate C11
  • The N Gates Station is down below the concourse level of all the N Concourse
  • Our C Gates Station was recently renovated and features a new glass art piece called Cascadia, and other art pieces at each station

cascadia artwork

Airline locations by concourse

  • Aer Lingus: A Concourse
  • AeroMexico: S Concourse
  • Air Canada: A Concourse
  • Air France: S Concourse
  • Air Tahiti Nui: S Concourse
  • Alaska Airlines: C, D, and N Concourses
  • American Airlines: D Concourse
  • ANA: S Concourse
  • Asiana Airlines: S Concourse
  • British Airways: S Concourse
  • Cathay Pacific: S Concourse
  • Condor: S Concourse
  • Delta Air Lines: S and A Concourses
  • Emirates: S Concourse
  • EVA Air: S Concourse
  • Finnair: S Concourse
  • Frontier Airlines: B Concourse
  • Hainan Airlines: S Concourse
  • Hawaiian Airlines: S Concourse
  • Icelandair: S Concourse
  • Japan Airlines: A Concourse
  • JetBlue Airways: A Concourse
  • Korean Air: S Concourse
  • Lufthansa: S Concourse
  • Qatar Airways: S Concourse
  • Singapore Airlines: S Concourse
  • Southwest Airlines: B Concourse
  • Spirit Airlines: Refer to your boarding pass
  • Sun Country Airlines: Refer to your boarding pass
  • Turkish Airlines: S Concourse
  • United Airlines: A Concourse
  • Virgin Atlantic: S Concourse
  • Volaris: S Concourse
  • WestJet: B Concourse

Locations can change, so remember to double-check your flight and its gate against your boarding pass or the screens in the terminal, Download the FlySEA App to help you navigate the terminal! 

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