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Help! I Lost Something at the Airport

January 25, 2021

You love Pacific Northwest summers, but you need some sun and a change of scenery, so you book the first flight and head to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). Once you pass through security you grab a coffee and snack, and head for your gate. As you’re putting your carry-on in the overhead bin and search for your wallet in anticipation of your inflight meal, you find that your wallet is not in your bag. After frantically searching your pockets you realize you must have lost it somewhere between your latte and the gate. What do you do?

Follow these steps to (fingers crossed) find your missing wallet or anything else you might have left behind at the airport during your travels.

Step 1: Identify where you lost the item

Think about where you last saw your missing item. Was it while you were paying for that breakfast sandwich? Did you leave it in the seat back pocket on your flight? SEA Airport and the airlines have different procedures on how to claim your lost item.

On the plane

If you lost your item on a flight, contact the airline directly. If you’re still at the airport when you realize you left something on the plane, check with your airline’s baggage claim office. If you’ve left airport already, call your airline’s customer service number to determine next steps. They may ask you to fill out a form online or connect you with their lost-and found division.

At the airport

If you lost your item at SEA Airport, your next step is to contact our Lost and Found office. Our Lost and Found works with our passengers to reunite them with their lost items every day. 

SEA Airport’s Lost and Found office

  • Located on the Baggage Claim level across from carousel 13. 
  • Contact them by phone at (206) 787-5312 or online  
  • Use the maps on the flySEA Airport App to help you get there.

You can file a report in person at the Lost and Found office or online within 30 days of losing the item. Because of limited space, the Lost and Found Office can only hold items for 30 days. Items that have not been claimed within 30 days will be donated to local children’s hospitals.

Pro tip: label your items with your contact information, which will increase the likelihood that you will get your items back.

  • Read Lost and Found FAQs
  • Learn about the top items lost at the airport and how to keep your belongings safe

Step 2: File a detailed report

The next step is to file a detailed Lost Property report of your item.

The report will ask for contact information, the approximate location/date in which you lost the item and a description of what you lost.

Remember there is no cost associated with filing a file a Lost Property Report. Never pay any third party to file a Lost Property report.

Step 3: Be patient

SEA Airport will see 50 million travelers this year. With this many people passing through SEA, the Lost and Found can be a busy place. Once you have submitted your Lost Property Report it will take one or two days to process after your item is turned in. 

Most Lost Property Reports are filed before the item is even turned into the Lost and Found office. The Lost and Found office will send you automated updates regarding your Lost Property Report. When your item is located, the Lost and Found will contact you to tell you how to reunite with your lost item.

Fast Fact: The SEA Airport Lost and Found office receives over 50 Lost Property reports a day!

Step 4: Get the call you have been waiting for! 

Once the Lost and Found office has notified you that they have found your item, you can pick it up or arrange for someone else to pick it up at the office. If you were only visiting Seattle, you can also opt to have your item shipped. SEA Airport’s Lost and Found provides FedEx shipping options through the online lost property reporting system.

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