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Anti-Racism Resources

June 2, 2020

Many of us are experiencing deep sadness, anger, and pain over the tragic killings of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. Their deaths are the most recent in a long history of unjust killings of African Americans in our country.
Confronted by such deep, historical racism, we tend to feel overwhelmed and helpless. What can any of us do to interrupt such acts of hatred? How can we put an end to this injustice?

Below are a few resources that can help us all understand how we can work together to fight racism.

Actions you can take as a White ally:

Resources for People of Color Experiencing Trauma

Resources to spark conversations about race and racism with your children:

Caucusing and conversation tools:

Tools for interrupting and reporting acts of hatred:

Organizations to follow to learn more about race and justice:

 Offer financial support and resources:

Put your dollars to work by donating to a Minnesota organization for #georgefloyd:

Another way to act now is to donate to Black-led organizations, anti-racist organizations, and Black-owned businesses. Consider donating to the following groups:

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