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Bringing the Sound of SEA to You

April 27, 2020

When you visit Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), you look forward to discovering new music and artists playing in every concourse every day of the week. With live events all over the globe postponed, the live music program at SEA is also temporarily suspended to protect the health and safety of our musicians and travelers. But we miss you and our performing artists, so we asked them to share their favorite songs with you through weekly performances on our social media channels. 

Every Friday, check our social media channels for new sets from airport musicians. Past performances are featured below, and you can follow along on social media using the hashtag #SEAPresents

Thanks to our performance family for sharing their music. We hope you find some music you like and support a local artist.

Fleur Wood

Fleur Wood plays in the Seattle-based folk band The W Lovers with her husband, Wesley Wood. Fleur moved to Seattle from New Zealand after falling in love with Wesley during her 2011 tour in America. They are known for creating their own special brand of music that blends Americana and alternative country music. 

•    Check out Fleur Wood's performance from April 3

The W Lovers
Photo credit: The W Lovers

Tekla Waterfield

Tekla Waterfield lives in the wide-open realm of Indie music, incorporating elements of folk, country, rhythm and blues, and soul creating a wide-ranging sound unified by her sweet, soulful, and dynamic vocals. Tekla has been a part of the airport’s live music program for almost five years. 

•    Watch Tekla Waterfield's performance from April 10

Kimo Muraki 

Kimo Muraki is a Hawaiian-born, Seattle-based performer. He is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer, arranger, private instructor, actor, live and studio musician actively recording for major labels and independent artists. 

•    Listen to Kimo Muraki's performance from April 17

Dave Harmonson  

Dave Harmonson has been singing and playing country music since the early 1970's. As a teenager, Dave took an interest in the guitar, learning folk songs, popular tunes from the 60's, bluegrass, and country picking. Dave has always kept his interest in acoustic and electric styles of playing, broadening his skills in fingerpicking and flatpicking on acoustic; and hot chicken picking, swing, and blues on the electric. 

•    Hear Dave Harmonson's performance from April 24 

Gretchen Yanover

Gretchen Yanover a Seattle cellist who began playing cello at the age of ten in her public school music program. She was immersed in the world of classical music until her college years, when she expanded her range and started playing in bands. Once she was introduced to a loop sampler, Gretchen found a new voice for her instrument. She began to improvise and compose in this context, creating her own instrumental atmospheres and melodies.  

•    Hear Gretchen Yanover's performance on May 1

Gretchen Yanover
Photo credit: Gretchen Yanover

Kristin Chambers 

Kristin Chambers is a live performer, recording artist, and songwriter residing in Seattle. Chambers' music shifts through a varied palate of moods and tones that paint a unique and cohesive picture. She has released six artists’ albums, and her musical stylings for TV and film include pop, vocal jazz, holiday (multi-genre), and singer-songwriter. 

•    Hear Kristin Chambers' performance on May 8

Kristin Chambers
Photo credit: Kristin Chambers

Champagne Sunday

Husband and wife members Jessi and Jared Fredeen, aka Champagne Sunday, are endearingly labeled as "Pearl Jam meets Bette Midler." They are known to tear up stages and crowds nationwide with their unique upbeat, roller-coaster style shows, firing off gypsy-punk rock songs alongside everything from intimate tear-jerkers to anthemic foot-stompers.

•    Hear Champagne Sunday's performance on May 15

Champagne Sunday
Photo credit: Champagne Sunday

Katrina Kope

Katrina Kope might tell you that her roots reside deep in jazz and blues, but her projects span many genres, from electronica to funk, reggae, trip-hop, R&B, or vocal improvisation. Katrina has no fear exploring new genres and material, but she seems to always find a home back with her piano and voice.

•    Listen to Katrina Kope's performance on May 22

Billy Brandt 

Billy Brandt is a storyteller, singer, guitarist, and composer whose music has working-class appeal that radiates masculine charm and chutzpah. Some say he has a voice like dark roasted coffee with a hint of cream. You'll have to let us know if you agree. 
•    Listen to Billy Brandt's performance on May 29 

Billy Brandt
Photo credit: Billy Brandt

Abigail Neilson 

Abigail Neilson is a Seattle-based pop and country artist. Abigail believes the heart and soul of music is rooted in its ability to connect with others on a deeper level. Her honest and captivating ballads cover the spectrum of human emotion — everything from the joy of falling in love, to the agony of heartbreak and the strength of female empowerment.
•    Watch Abigail Neilson's performance on June 5 

Abigain Neilson
Photo credit: Taye Olthoff via Abigail Neilson

Orville Johnson

Orville Johnson is a singer, instrumentalist, record producer, songwriter, session player, teacher, and a dobro player on the West Coast. He acquired his love of singing as a child, then began playing guitar and dobro. His style is a mosaic of his heritage, including roots, blues, bluegrass, rockabilly, and country music.

•    Watch Orville Johnson's performance on June 12

Orville Johnson
Photo credit: Orville Johnson

Tomo Nakayama

Tomo Nakayama is a Seattle folk artist born in Japan. Nakayama’s music is melodic, complex, and emotionally compelling. He’s known for his acoustic folk, but in his new album, “Melonday,” Nakayama decided to shake things up a bit and transition into electropop. It’s music that we can’t help but get up and dance to.  

•    Watch Tomo Nakayama's performance on June 19

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