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Music at SEA

Tune in to the Sounds at SEA

SEA is expanding its music program with permanent performance spaces. A marquee stage opened in the Marketplace @ N in 2021! SEA will welcome up-and-coming artists as well as headlining names to these dedicated performance spaces that are also coming to Central Terminal and C Concourse. 

In 2013, the program was honored as Best Arrivals Experience by the Future Travel Experience Awards to recognize innovative, ambitious and effective initiatives and organizations in the airline industry. Travelers may experience:

  • Live performances seven days a week at locations throughout the terminal
  • Overhead music by Pacific Northwest artists
  • Music-themed art exhibits curated by MoPOP (Museum of Pop Culture
  • See the latest live music schedule!

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Interested in performing at the airport?

Gigs4U helped create the live music program at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in 2013 and we have continued to partner with them for the past 10 years. Interested in performing at the airport Please email contact Gigs4U to inquire.

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