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Music at SEA

A graphic that shows a woman playing a guitar. The music program is back!

Music at SEA Airport

In 2012, the Port of Seattle introduced its live music program to showcase the diversity of music culture in the Northwest and enhance the traveler experience at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA). Since the program’s launch over 115 musicians have performed in the airport. In 2018, 1,452 gigs were performed at SEA, totaling 5,790 hours of live local music in the airport. The genres of these artists range from jazz to blues to folk and acoustic pop.

If you're missing your local musicians, this two-hour virtual experience highlights over 30 musicians who performed live at the airport before the pandemic. Developed with Gigs4U and Promosa, our local musicians faced many challenges throughout COVID-19, and this pays forward the joy of music and concerts.

SEA is now expanding its music program with permanent performance spaces. A marquee stage opened in the Marketplace @ N in 2021! SEA will welcome up-and-coming artists as well as headlining names to these dedicated performance spaces that are also coming to Central Terminal and A Concourse. 

Our Partners

The SEA "Experience the City of Music" initiative is highly successful due to the contributions and collaboration of our community partners. 

Introduced in 2012, the Experience the City of Music Program is a cooperative effort by the Port of Seattle, the Office of Film + Music, Seattle Music Commission and PlayNetwork. It is a comprehensive effort to showcase the Northwest's diverse music culture and enhance the experience of millions of travelers who pass through the airport.

In 2013, the program was honored as Best Arrivals Experience by the Future Travel Experience Awards to recognize innovative, ambitious and effective initiatives and organizations in the airline industry. Travelers may experience:

  • Live performances seven days a week at locations throughout the terminal
  • Overhead music by Pacific Northwest artists
  • Videos featuring clips about Seattle’s music scene and history on terminal and baggage claim monitors
  • Multi-genre web radio available through the airport’s free Wi-Fi Network
  • Music-themed art exhibits curated by MoPOP (Museum of Pop Culture)
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How to Submit Your Music

All music, video and messaging added to the SEA Airport playlist will be selected by a committee with members from PlayNetwork, the Port of Seattle and the Seattle Music Commission. These submissions will be reviewed quarterly for inclusion in the program. Decisions will be made based on suitability for a public audience of all ages. Please reach out to Gabriel Marowitz at for music submissions. 

Interested in performing at the airport?

Gigs4U helped create the live music program at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in 2013. Please email to inquire.

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