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Doubling Down on Cleaning at SEA

Update on the Port's COVID-19 response Learn more.

June 11, 2020

This time of year prompts spring cleaning in homes and public spaces, but this year has seen bolstered cleaning efforts in response to the global pandemic. 

At the beginning of COVID-19, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) escalated our already-robust cleaning practices to ensure frequent disinfection with medical-grade cleaning products. We added an emphasis on high-touch areas such as buttons, handrails, and counters.


Your safety, health and well-being are our priority, always. Here is a quick review of how we’re cleaning and disinfecting as part of FlyHealthy@SEA

  • Added over 250 hand sanitizer stations throughout the terminal for your use. Download the SEA App with our interactive map of hand sanitizer locations.
  • Spent 5,720 hours cleaning and disinfecting the buses and terminal at SEA each week, with a total of 102,960 hours since February
  • Spritzed, sprayed, and dispensed over 1,010 gallons of hand sanitizer, more than 4,500 ounces of disinfecting spray, and 1,135 containers of sanitizer wipes


Coming Soon

  • Quickly converting bathrooms that aren’t already touchless to new fixtures for paper towels and automatic soap dispensers. Our terminal bathrooms are already sensor-based water faucets
  • Cleaning every two hours at the security checkpoints that are open, and deep cleaning and sanitizing TSA bins after hours
  • Adding electrostatic sprayers from Clorox® and Victory into fleet of cleaning equipment. Electrostatic sprayers disperse mist onto surfaces for an even coating of disinfectant that kills germs, including COVID-19. Our custodial team can disinfect more surfaces more often. 
Read the other ways that SEA Airport is responding to the pandemic to keep you safe.
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